Yosemite Winter Elopement

Yosemite National Park, CA

When we first got a message from Daniel and Molly for their Yosemite winter elopement, we knew we were in for a treat. Yosemite is a popular choice to elope for obvious reasons, but not so much in the winter months. Winter months get a bad rep for not being an ideal time to elope or adventure, due to snow, cold or harsh weather. And we’re here to say the opposite – it’s one of our FAVORITE times for couples to elope.

Especially here in Central California, the lower elevation of the Sierra Nevada and its southern location, make this mountain range a great pick for a winter adventure. Not to mention the crowds are significantly less dense, making for easy parking and feeling like the park is entirely your playground. But honestly, any time you are making mother nature a big part of your day, to have an exceptional day, starts with a good mindset. You truly have to be ready to embrace any madness mother nature may throw. Especially these moody mountain ranges, which can be unpredictable, any time of the year.

Winter moody vibes

The moody winter vibes and complete willingness to embrace whatever Yosemite and nature had to offer are just some of the reasons we absolutely loved working with Molly and Daniel. From the beginning, their excitement and confidence in what they wanted their day to be about were inspiring. Molly knew she was going to be in a black dress – white just didn’t fit her style and bold attitude. They chose a winter elopement because of the significance in the time of year for them.. and chose Yosemite because it was one of their first special trips together as a couple. They even got married on their 6 year dating anniversary!

These two were ready to take on their adventure in the valley with no expectations – other than to get married, celebrate their journey, get dressed up and have a great damn time. We tend to be very thorough when planning because we want our couples to have the best damn day – and these two preferred to take a more relaxed and chill day to let the adventure unfold. Which we’re ALL for and welcome more of with open arms.

Molly and Daniels Thoughts

We could not have chosen a better Adventure Photography duo than Lauren and Allen! I mean WOW, they were it! The moment they stepped foot into our hotel room, was the moment we felt like long lost friends who were reuniting after a long journey apart. They made our day flow so fabulously and had us entertained from start to finish. We are so grateful for them and admire their desire to go above expectations. They did so much prep work and scouted Yosemite prior to our day beginning, that everything moved flawlessly.

We are forever thankful they came into our radar to photograph our most epic adventure. Our photos are breathtaking, pure excellence and capture the feels of the day so intensely. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Lauren and Allen! Thank you for being your friendly, adventurous, funny, kind and badass selves. We could not have laughed so hard without you! XOXO

What made their Winter Yosemite Elopement so great

From the very start when we showed up at their hotel, these two were so full of excitement for the day and one another. Their day was filled with non-stop laughter, running around Yosemite’s snowy meadows and them celebrating to the fullest. We were going to bring hot chocolate, but the weather was too warm – yes, even with snow on the ground! So we brought their favorite brew instead (blue moon or a Bud Light lime!).

Although the temps were in the low 50s – the valley keeps you safe from harsh winds and traps in warmth pretty well. Mother Nature surprised us with a nice treat– the Sierra Nevada mountain range saw early snowfall this year. Followed by a warm front, causing a lot of that snow to melt, but also keeping some pockets around. Snowmelt in the mountains = waterfalls. We were also graced with a perfectly overcast day for some amazing lighting and winter vibes. Not only did Molly & Daniel get to experience a wide-open meadow to themselves, but played in a snowfield, creating dick-shaped snowballs and all, cozied up in the dark and moody forest, and finished the day with a fun hike, bouldering to the impressive performance from the lower falls. They couldn’t have asked for better Yosemite winter elopement.

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