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A Yosmite Elopement Photographer Team

We’re the husband and wife dynamic duo yosemite elopement photographers and capture rad couples that have unique as fuuuuck wedding celebrations. We’ve been a team for 7 years working  and traveling to couples from all around the world having unique, fun and meaningful wedding celebrations. As long as what you’re planning is meaningful and you can tell us why, we give you our whole hearts. And they’re big-ass hearts. 

Come, come, have a seat, look around, pretend like we’re serving you’re favorite drink and your favorite band/music is playing in the background. And then reach out to us to tell us all about the awesome day you’re planning or envisioning. We want to be all up in it.

Here’s our thing:

Life is short. We love hard. Celebrate hard. And we make sure these priceless moments that go by too damn fast are remembered well. We work with couples planning something authentic and unique for their day because it’s what we love to capture and simply how we feel life (and especially your wedding day) deserves to be celebrated. To do what feels hella GOOD!

Whether you’re planning a wedding, elopement, or festival, all of the above (but hopefully have your own unique wedding theme)–what we care about most is that you’re making it about you two and choose people like us to be there that get IT, support you, love you and amplify your joy, so you can have the most amazing moments to remember your kick-ass and meaningful day by. 

Do you appreciate our straight-forward vibe? If so we’re gonna be great friends and can’t wait to meet you. If you’re wondering what our story is, we’d love to tell you directly. we’re currently writing a book from all of our travels and experience living on the road in our camper/van for 3 years, but you can get a small glimpse over on our about page.

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unique wedding ideas

unique Elopement ideas

Yosemite Elopement Photographer team for meaningful & unique af weddings

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Hi lovers, travelers, dreamers and friends.

Are you looking for a yosemite elopement photographer that specializes in not just epic, but meaningful and deeply unique wedding celebrations? Someone excited to support your unconventional and wild ideas? Someone ready to adventure and encourage you to celebrate and plan whatever feels good to you?

We’re you’re people. We’ve been there.

We struggled to find a photographer that really got “us”, our vision, and the meaning behind our day when we had our glamping-style elopement back in 2019. It took A LOT of searching and we’re IN the industry. We hope our page found you sooner  and your enjoy our vibe, philosophy and  style– and feel just how much we really fucking care about documenting your love well. Please reach out and tell us about how wicked awesome and amazing you want your day to be. We’re here for all the love, unique wedding ideas and celebrations.

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how we see it

authenticity & vulnerability is what makes life beautiful
being intentional & mindful is what love is all about
life is short. love hard. celebrate hard. honor and cherish the memories well.

our photography style

Emotional. story-telling. artistic-documentary (quick, creative, artistic angles) meets lifestyle (some posing) , meets landscape (posing in nature) –uniquely shot with emotional focus on raw moments you can feel.

Whiskeysage Collections

Get married in your own unique way

Get in touch so we can get to know your unique coverage needs.


$3500 // 4 Hours of Coverage.
Ranges to 12 hours for $7500.
Multi-day also available.

Add Videography

+$1500  // 3-5 Minute Short Film
+$750 // 1 Minute Short Film for Social Media

Add Planning

+$1000 //  Assistance with Location Research, Vendor Research, Scouting, Timeline and Day-Of Coordination. 

What This Party Looks Like

Get Support From Friends Who Give AF

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Be Present And Know Your Day Is Covered

Yosemite Elopement Tips


Glacier road in Yosemite NP is the only access road (without a strenuous hike from the valley floor up 3000ft) for iconic locations such as Taft Point and Glacier Point. Yosemite NP was originally planning this construction project for 2021- which has caused a lot of confusion for accessibility and permit availability for their desirable cliffside areas. This is great news for couples eloping in 2021 desiring cliffside adventures.  Visit the NPS website for more information here.

Yosemite Elopement Photography Planning

  • Yosemite is magical in EVERY season. Winter beats the crowds and you can explore a snowy wonderland and feel like you have the park to yourself. Springtime in the valley yields vibrant meadows, colorful new flowers blooming and the waterfalls are most fierce from all the snow melt. Summertime (june - august) is pretty warm in the valley, but hiking up near Taft or Glacier is enjoyable. September and October are best for mild weather and beating the vacation crowds of summer. Later in to October you start to see summer tones fade and the fall colors start in effect.
  • When considering moments captures in jaw-dropping landscape, considering the most ideal time of day is something we highly encourage. Sunrise or Sunset timing is best for portraits and this time varies based on elevation, objects obstructing, etc.
  • As your Yosemite Elopement Photographer team we enjoy working with you on your timeline and locations to ensure the best lighting for your special moments. Contact Us before you get too far into planning!

Yosemite Permits, Travel, & Vendors

  • As destination wedding and elopement photographers, our elopement collection packages already include travel fee(s) to/from the park.
  • We have connections with local florists, officiants and mobile hair/makeup to help bring your vision to reality!
  • All national parks, including Yosemite National Park, require an Entrance Fee and Commercial Photography Permit for ceremonies. We secure our photography permit, and will guide you through obtaining your special use permit.

Things to know before you go​

  • Yosemite is deep within California's Sierra Nevada mountain range and requires some planning for lodging. Staying in the valley will keep you close to most major points of interest. There are also great lodging options near Fish Camp/Wawona, Oakhurst and El Portal. If arriving in summer months when Tioga Road is open, check out Toulumne Meadows area for lodging!
  • Most restaurants in the area close between 8-10pm, so make sure to plan ahead for sunset adventuring and have food ready, especially if lodging outside of the park.
  • Keep in mind signal is pretty non-existent in most parts of the park. Make sure to plan ahead before entering and sharing information with loved ones.

Yosemite Weather

  • Temperatures in the mountains fluctuate drastically between day/night and depending on your elevation. In summer months, high temperatures average around 90 degrees when in the valley. When up at Glacier Road areas (about 3,000ft above the valley) it's MUCH cooler, especially at night.
  • The Sierra's at night in non-summer months can get pretty cool. As a frequent Yosemite Elopement Photographer - I recommend bringing lots of layers and planning for the temperatures to drop as soon as sun goes down (or comes up if planning around sunrise!)

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