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team that gets it.

A true "us" Wedding Adventure in Yosemite you'll be proud to call yours

Nationally-published husband and wife Yosemite Elopement Photographer Team guiding and capturing true-to-you elopement wedding adventures.

3+ Years exclusively specializing in crafting and capturing authentic elopements / weddings across the U.S. and worldwide.

Guided, celebrated and captured along side 75+ different couples eloping and over 50+ intimate, nature-based weddings.  Journeyed over 150,000 miles for love!

A true "us" elopement experience in Yosemite

Cheers, friends! To doing something different for your wedding and making your day about you two, with memories you'll be proud to share for a lifetime.

We know this planning journey may feel intimidating; there's a lot to consider and so many different photographers doing the same thing with the same pictures. We get it. Are you scrolling through tons and tons elopement photos and thinking:

"that's not our vibe."
“this looks fake. I want my moments to feel real…”
“we’re not ____ enough for THAT adventure.”
"none of these people look like me."
“do I have to hike or backpack to have an epic day?”

These doubtful feelings are valid. We know how you feel and we've been there. But you can stop here. We’re here for all love and all adventures-- and to say that whatever you're dreaming up, wherever you want to go, whatever adventure you want; the most epic part of your story is you right here, right now, deciding to do something different for your wedding—-and then doing the damn thing.

Don’t settle or regret not having the wedding adventure you deserve. Have a wedding day you’ll be proud of—- with a Yosemite Elopement Photographer Team that gets. Let's Chat.

Your Yosemite Elopement with WhiskeySage

keeping it real

This isn’t about epic and phony-posed photos. our promise is an elopement adventure that feels like you two, not what we think your love should look like.

one of a kind Guidance

Help crafting and planning from a couple that also eloped. our sage support and personal planning process helps keep you on track for an adventure that feels like you two–not an imitation of someone else’s day.

A Wedding day you're proud of

Not settling or living with regret of not having the adventure you deserve. your elopement will be authentic to you and we will instantly put you ease with our whiskeysage guidance.

our yosemite blogs

If you’re like us, you’re also awe-struck by the magic of Yosemite’s landscape. Is it the roaring waterfalls or the 3,000ft drop of granite overlooking the majestic valley? Or the sprawling meadows along the Merced riverside? It’s all of it, right? Yosemite is one of the most breath-taking parks that inspires and surprises us with every visit. Pairing your powerful vows with mother nature is something we thrive on documenting. No matter which landscape you’re choosing–we’re here for it and would love to get to know you and your vision for your special day. Need inspiration? Check out our featured blogs below.

Invest In a team that also eloped

Eloping is so personal. And so f’n fun. So rewarding. And transformational when you’re intentionally deciding to do something different and unique. But like anything worth the reward, there’s work involved. There’s deciding which location in Yosemite, planning, logistics and a gamut of emotions; especially when trying to keep your day authentic without getting decision fatigue from the tons of blogs you’re scrolling. We’ve been there. We get it. And we’re here to give you the breathe of fresh air you need.

With one-of-a-kind guidance and a personal planning process, we take the stress off and put the focus back on what matters– you and your love. We work together to help guide and craft a unique Yosemite Wedding day you’ll be damn proud you had. Don’t settle for anything that doesn’t feel good to you two or regret not having the adventure you deserve.

Your Yosemite Elopement Investment Includes

2 Photographers

A nationally-published husband and wife elopement photographer team capturing and supporting from 2 perspectives for best coverage.

3+ Years Specialty

3+ Years specializing in adventurous and unique elopements / weddings in Yosemite, across the U.S,. and worldwide.

125+ Experiences

Guided over 75+ different couples on different elopement journeys. 50+ unique couples having an intimate wedding. Journeyed 150K+ miles for love.

One Of A Kind Guidance

Unique sage support, custom-crafted elopement planning process, personal guides, 6+ years national travel experience, 3 years full-time camper life adventure experience + more.

A True "US" Experience

We quickly and inevitably will feel like long-lost friends, creating a vibe where you can be yourself and trust our unique process to help craft an adventure that genuinely feels like you two.

Travel Included

All collections below and in our guide are region-specific based on your desired location and include travel fee(s) for 2 people, with no extra or hidden fee(s) later.

Yosemite Elopement Packages

Yosemite Elopement Packages begin at 4 hours for 2 photographers and include guidance, location research, timeline building, and travel.

$5500 // 4 Hours
$5800 // 6 Hours
$6100 // 8 Hours
$6400 // 10 Hours
$7500 // 2 Days

the most authentic adventure of your lifetime shared with just your favorite person or a small group of guests

How to get started

california elopement photographer yosemite elopement yosemite destination wedding

Reach Out & Share Your Vision

Let us know a little about you both and vision in mind. From there we’ll set up a time to meet virtually so we can start crafting and helping right away.

Sage Elopement Guidance

get the sage guidance you need

Not someone planning your whole day telling what you should or shouldn’t do—but personal support from people that care about helping you craft a day that is symbolic, intentional and feels 110% like you two.


Have a true "us" wedding adventure

Cheers! You did the damn thing and got married to the beat of your own drumwalking away with transformative memories, a unique adventure and a wedding day you’re proud of.

Yosemite Elopement Planning Tips


Glacier road in Yosemite NP is the only access road (without a strenuous hike from the valley floor up 3000ft) for iconic locations such as Taft Point and Glacier Point. Yosemite NP was originally planning this construction project for 2021- which has caused a lot of confusion for accessibility and permit availability for their desirable cliffside areas. This is great news for couples eloping in 2021 desiring cliffside adventures.  Visit the NPS website for more information here.

Yosemite Elopement Photography Planning

  • Yosemite is magical in EVERY season. Winter beats the crowds and you can explore a snowy wonderland and feel like you have the park to yourself. Springtime in the valley yields vibrant meadows, colorful new flowers blooming and the waterfalls are most fierce from all the snow melt. Summertime (june - august) is pretty warm in the valley, but hiking up near Taft or Glacier is enjoyable. September and October are best for mild weather and beating the vacation crowds of summer. Later in to October you start to see summer tones fade and the fall colors start in effect.
  • When considering moments captures in jaw-dropping landscape, considering the most ideal time of day is something we highly encourage. Sunrise or Sunset timing is best for portraits and this time varies based on elevation, objects obstructing, etc.
  • As your Yosemite Elopement Photographer team we enjoy working with you on your timeline and locations to ensure the best lighting for your special moments. Contact Us before you get too far into planning!

Yosemite Permits, Travel, & Vendors

  • As destination wedding and elopement photographers, our elopement collection packages already include travel fee(s) to/from the park.
  • We have connections with local florists, officiants and mobile hair/makeup to help bring your vision to reality!
  • All national parks, including Yosemite National Park, require an Entrance Fee and Commercial Photography Permit for ceremonies. We secure our photography permit, and will guide you through obtaining your special use permit.

Things to know before you go​

  • Yosemite is deep within California's Sierra Nevada mountain range and requires some planning for lodging. Staying in the valley will keep you close to most major points of interest. There are also great lodging options near Fish Camp/Wawona, Oakhurst and El Portal. If arriving in summer months when Tioga Road is open, check out Toulumne Meadows area for lodging!
  • Most restaurants in the area close between 8-10pm, so make sure to plan ahead for sunset adventuring and have food ready, especially if lodging outside of the park.
  • Keep in mind signal is pretty non-existent in most parts of the park. Make sure to plan ahead before entering and sharing information with loved ones.

Yosemite Weather

  • Temperatures in the mountains fluctuate drastically between day/night and depending on your elevation. In summer months, high temperatures average around 90 degrees when in the valley. When up at Glacier Road areas (about 3,000ft above the valley) it's MUCH cooler, especially at night.
  • The Sierra's at night in non-summer months can get pretty cool. As a frequent Yosemite Elopement Photographer - I recommend bringing lots of layers and planning for the temperatures to drop as soon as sun goes down (or comes up if planning around sunrise!)

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Don't settle or regret not having the Yosemite Adventure you know you deserve

We’re Lauren and Allen we’re so glad you’re here. That’s us cliffside in Sedona on our elopement day. Many moons ago, we almost went through with having a traditional wedding. We hit a wall with planning (thankfully) and realized the wedding day we were leaning into wasn’t "us". Like a lot of others, we were just going through the motions. It didn’t feel right at all, so we decided to call it off.

A few years later we ditched the traditions and decided on a private wedding adventure entirely about us and the life we enjoy sharing together. But even when eloping, it was a challenge to not get caught up in "what do other people do” and scroll through endless photos influencing what eloping looks like. It was exhausting and almost made us feel like we weren't "good enough" to do something unique for us. So we stopped scrolling. And paused. And asked ourselves, “What feels good to us? What do WE want to do?” And then had the best, most perfectly imperfect day—filled with machaca tacos we made ourselves, a cliffside hike, first dance around a campfire, getting ready in glamp tent and more. It was entirely us, and that’s all that mattered. (Learn more about our elopement day here.)

Ready to do this? Here’s how this works:

  • Reach out to us.
  • We'll meet and chat about your vision(s) in mind for Yosemite.
  • We’ll guide you with personal support so your adventure will be 110% authentic to you.
  • You'll have a wedding adventure you’re proud of— not settle or regret choosing anything less than what you deserve.

We’re passionate about personally crafting, capturing and celebrating everything that makes your love yours. Nothing phony. Nothing fake. An adventure and memories of your wedding day that you’ll be proud of, with elopement photographers that have been there and get it.