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Planning Your Visit and Yosemite Elopement Photography

  • The best time of year to visit is May or September. Waterfalls can be best enjoyed late May to early June. May and September are great for longer hikes as temperatures are lower. June to August can get quite hot within the park. Other times require more planning and considerations as snow and closures can affect accessibility.
  • The best time of day for portraits is at Sunrise or Sunset. Because of the varying elevation, the best time for ideal lighting can vary.
  • As your Yosemite Elopement Photographers we work with you on your timeline and locations to ensure the best lighting. Contact me before you get too far in the planning process.

Yosemite Elopement Vendors permit fees

  • All travel fees are waived for Yosemite, unless we’re going to be super far away a few days prior to your date.
  • We have connections with local florists, officiants and mobile hair/makeup and will assist with planning.
  • All national parks require an Entrance Fee and Commercial Photography Permit for ceremonies. For that reason, we help get you all the uninteresting, but important, details on this to make sure your ceremony or session isn’t interrupted.

Yosemite Elopement Lodging and service

  • Yosemite is deep within California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range and requires some planning for lodging.
  • Certainly, Yosemite campgrounds within the park are by far the best choice for camping in the area. It’s a popular camping area for many reasons. It’s beautiful and significantly more convenient. All camping is dry camping (no hookups) and most are tent sites, no big rigs. Some campgrounds have tap water others have creek water (boil only) available. Dumpsites are available in some areas. You need to reserve your spot as soon as your date and permit are confirmed.
  • If camping isn’t your style or need some relaxation, there is lodging in the valley or within 1-2 hours and various Airbnb homes available to stay at that still allow you to take in all of the magical landscape if you’re willing to drive. We can help you find the right place to stay (we’re Airbnb Super Hosts elsewhere).
  • Due to cell phone coverage being extremely limited or totally unavailable once inside Yosemite National Park, we prefer to meet up before entering to make sure we can help guide you to your location. There is Verizon signal at the visitor center.

Yosemite Elopement Weather

  • Temperatures in the mountains fluctuate drastically between day/night. In summer months, high temperatures average around 90 degrees.
  • The Sierra’s at night in non-summer months can get pretty cool. As your Yosemite Elopement Photographers we recommend bringing lots of layers and planning for the temperatures to drop as soon as sun goes down.