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Planning Your Visit and Yosemite Elopement Photography

  • Yosemite is magical in EVERY season. Winter beats the crowds and you can explore a snowy wonderland and feel like you have the park to yourself. Springtime in the valley yields vibrant meadows, colorful new flowers blooming and the waterfalls are most fierce from all the snow melt. Summertime (june – august) is pretty warm in the valley, but hiking up near Taft or Glacier is enjoyable. September and October are best for mild weather and beating the vacation crowds of summer. Later in to October you start to see summer tones fade and the fall colors start in effect. 
  • When considering moments captures in jaw-dropping landscape, considering the most ideal time of day is something I highly encourage. Sunrise or Sunset timing is best for portraits and this time varies based on elevation, objects obstructing, etc. 
  • As your Yosemite Elopement Photographer I enjoy working with you on your timeline and locations to ensure the best lighting for your special moments. Contact me before you get too far in the planning process!

Yosemite Elopement Vendors permit fees

  • As a destination elopement photographer, my elopement collection packages already include travel fee(s) to/from the park.
  • I have connections with local florists, officiants and mobile hair/makeup to help bring your vision to reality!
  • All national parks require an Entrance Fee and Commercial Photography Permit for ceremonies. I’ll gladly help direct you on this for processing and fee(s) involved.

Yosemite Elopement Lodging and service

  • Yosemite is deep within California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range and requires some planning for lodging. Staying in the valley will keep you close to most major points of interest. There are also great lodging options near Fish Camp/Wawona, Oakhurst and El Portal. If arriving in summer months when Tioga Road is open, check out Toulumne Meadows area for lodging!
  • Most restaurants in the area close between 8-10pm, so make sure to plan ahead for sunset adventuring and have food ready, especially if lodging outside of the park.
  • Keep in mind signal is pretty non-existent in most parts of the park. Make sure to plan ahead before entering and sharing information with loved ones. 

Yosemite Elopement Weather

  • Temperatures in the mountains fluctuate drastically between day/night and depending on your elevation. In summer months, high temperatures average around 90 degrees when in the valley. When up at Glacier Road areas (about 3,000ft above the valley) it’s MUCH cooler, especially at night .
  • The Sierra’s at night in non-summer months can get pretty cool. As a frequent Yosemite Elopement Photographer – I recommend bringing lots of layers and planning for the temperatures to drop as soon as sun goes down (or comes up if planning around sunrise!)