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Meet your new friends that also eloped. We’re Lauren & Allen, nationally-published husband and wife Utah Elopement Photographers.

We exclusively specialize in crafting and capturing authentic elopements / adventurous weddings across the U.S. and worldwide.

We’ve guided, celebrated and captured along side 75+ different couples eloping and over 50+ intimate, nature-based weddings.  Journeyed over 150,000 miles for love!

cheers to an adventure elopement that makes you come alive and making sure its remembered that way

Cheers, friends! You must be reading this because you’ve decided to make your big moment about what matters most- you TWO. And HELL YES, we’re HERE for it.

We know this elopement wedding planning journey may feel overwhelming; there's a lot to consider and so many options to choose from. We get it.

We know how you feel and we've been there. We also eloped! We're here to remind you that no matter what the endless amount of ‘how to’ blogs say, or what family may think, or the best landscape to pick—whatever you're dreaming up, whatever adventure you want; the most meaningful part of your story is you right here, right now, deciding to make your moment truly yours. And then making it happen!

So CHEERS - to keeping your wedding adventure meaningful and authentic to you. Own this moment and be proud— you’re in the exciting stages of creating an adventure you’ll get to call YOUR wedding day for the rest of your lives.

Reach out now! We'd love to meet you!

Your Utah Elopement the WhiskeySage way

the vibe

We create a space where you’ll feel comfortable, relaxed and entirely able to be yourselves. We take pride in spreading joy and creating an atmosphere of trust, fun and good times. Curated playlists and whiskey always on deck.

your memories

Are what you have left to remember your day by and the part that really matters most to us.  We’re passionate about making this personal so you can comfortably create authentic moments that feel as powerful and unique as the love you’re celebrating. We believe your images should emotionally reflect what makes your love yours and never look the same as everyone else’s.

your experience

As soon as we meet and then day-of, we’re like long lost friends. We help with every step of planning and have a lot of guidance and expertise to offer for any location. We don’t plan your entire day for you, that’s not what we feel eloping it about; but we do help you craft a meaningful, intentional adventure that’s deeply special to the love you’re celebrating. We keep it personal and we keep it real. We cuss. Our heads are probably in the gutter. And we care a fuck ton about you having the best day of your damn life.

our latest blogs

If you’re like us, you’re also awe-struck by the magic of Utah’s landscape. Between the gorgeous red canyons, massive sandstone arches, scenic Colorado River overlooks, and hoodoos galore… there’s something for everyone. Learn more about the Best Places To Elope In Utah here.No matter which landscape you’re choosing–we’re here for it and would love to get to know you and your vision for your special day. Need inspiration? Check out our latest blogs below.

Elopement Photographers That Also Eloped

Your pictures and your experience should be as unique as your love; with elopement photographers that have been there, get it and vibe with you. Allen and I are here to help you keep your elopement authentic to you— with a personal, customized approach to planning and capturing, that keeps your adventure meaningful; and not a one-size-fits-all elopement guide.  

From a couple that also eloped; remember to take time to pause as you’re planning, to think about what matters most to you. Starting with the people and energy you want surrounding you (especially those documenting), the landscape, weather, choosing to adventure somewhere special to you or entirely new, etc. Even with eloping, it’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else does. Whether you’re just starting your journey or have a lot of it figured out, we’re here to make sure your moments stay yours—as a Utah Elopement Photographer Team that’s been there and gets it.

Your Elopement Investment Includes

2 Elopement Photographers

Your husband and wife elopement photographer team that will feel like long-lost friends who share their whiskey, snacks and will throw elbows to make sure you have the kick-ass day you deserve. Like making sure your moments are documented by two unique perspectives and nothing gets missed 😉

The Whiskeysage Way

personalized & meaningful. a space to be unapologetically you, with curated planning, guidance and fun activities to gear up for an authentic and meaningful adventure of a lifetime.

How you want your day remembered

On-top-of-the-world moments filled with joy, love, life, depth and laughter. Emotional and artistic imagery unique to the love you share. Your authentic love, not pictures that look like everyone else's.

125+ Experiences

Guided over 75+ different couples on different elopement journeys. 50+ unique couples having an intimate wedding. Journeyed 150K+ miles for love.

Experienced Adventure Elopement Photographers

We've been specializing In adventurous and unique elopements / weddings full-time, across the United States and worldwide over the last three plus years. We have years of travel, living a nomadic life on the road, adventuring and planning elopements from coast to coast, with all the guidance to help make your day incredible.

included Travel

No extra or hidden fee(s) later. All collections below and in our guide are region-specific based on your desired location and include travel fee(s) for both me (Lauren) & Allen.

Utah Elopement Packages

the most authentic adventure of your lifetime shared with just your favorite person or a small group of loved ones

All Utah Elopement Packages Include:

Lauren & Allen – Lead Photographers

Personalized Planning & Guidance

Location Research

Timeline Building

Photography Permit 

Travel Expenses

partial-day coverage begins at $3800

ranging to two-day coverage at $6800.

most couples’ average investment is $5500.

How to get this party started


Reach Out

Tell us a little about yourselves and your vision in mind. From there we’ll set up a time to meet virtually so we can start hyping and helping right away.


get personal planning & support

We’re passionate about making your experience personal and fun; helping you craft a day that is symbolic, intentional and 100% about you two. Not a one-size-fits-all elopement guide and check-list.


have an authentic & meaningful adventure

Creating memories that feel as powerful as the love you’re celebrating– with elopement photographers that amplifies your joy and get just how personal and meaningful this adventure is.

Utah Elopement Planning Tips

Moab Elopement in Pup Friendly Area

Best Places To Elope in Utah


  • Arches National Park is located just north of Moab. It’s know for it’s over 2,000 sandstone arches.
  • The two most icon arches are red colored Delicate Arch and the Landscape Arch which is the worlds largest Arch.
  • Both arches are included in the approved ceremony locations, with a limit of 10 people. Larger group sizes are allowed elsewhere in the park.
  • Proudly certified as a Dark Sky Park. Star watching is an absolute dream.
  • Dogs are not permitted in most areas (including all ceremony locations). Woof. Consider Dead Horse State Park or Moab BLM as alternatives to bring your pup.



  • Bryce Canyon National Park is located in Southern Utah (about 2hrs 20 mins from St. George, UT and 2hrs 40 mins from Page, AZ.
  • It’s along an upper plateau of the Grand Staircase and is home to the largest concentration of Hoodoos in the world (hoodoos are irregular shaped rock columns).
  • There are easy, moderate, and strenuous hikes available, including the easy, paved 1 mi Sunrise to Sunset trail, which overlooks Bryce Amphitheater.
  • There are only two approved ceremony locations (Sunset Point & Silent City Overlook) so processing your permit well in advance is strongly recommended. You can adventure elsewhere in the park for portraits.
  • Proudly certified as a Dark Sky Park. Star watching is an absolute dream.
  • Dogs are permitted on leash only on paved trails and paved viewpoints, but not on unpaved trails or view points. The approved ceremony sites are not paved. There are pet friendly options in the nearby National Forest areas.



  • Canyonlands National Park is located near Moab just past Dead Horse State Park along the Colorado River. The park is the largest National Park in Utah and is known for it’s wild diversity of landscape.
  • There are four distinct districts, each with their unique features. The rivers, The Needles, The Island in the Sky, and the Maze.
  • The Island in the Sky is the most easily accessible and includes various hikes, scenic overlooks, and even a moderate 4-wheel-drive route called White Rim Road.
  • Proudly certified as a Dark Sky Park. Star watching is an absolute dream.
  • Dogs are not permitted in most areas (including all ceremony locations). Woof. Consider Dead Horse State Park or Moab BLM as alternatives to bring your pup.



  • Dead Horse State Park is located near Moab near the entrance to Canyon Lands NP. The park sits atop a mesa 2K feet above the Colorado River.
  • It offers easy access to the rim for canyon views and river views. Hiking is not required to enjoy the view.
  • Proudly certified as a Dark Sky Park. Star watching is an absolute dream.
  • Dogs are permitted on leash.



  • Horseshoe Bend is located on just south of the Utah / Arizona border near Page, AZ. It’s part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and is an iconic scenic overview along the Colorado River.
  • There is a 1.5 mile gentle sloping ADA accessible trail from the parking lot to the overlook / rim.
  • Dogs are permitted on leash.



  • Lake Powell is located on the border of Utah / Arizona near Page, AZ. It’s part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and serves as a reservoir on the Colorado River. It’s the second largest “human-made” lake in the US.
  • The area offers boating, beaches, and plenty of canyons to explore.
  • Dogs are permitted on leash in most, but not all, areas.



  • The Bureau of Land Manage holds tons of open land surrounding the parks in the Moab area. It’s near Canyonlands, Arches, and Dead Horse.
  • BLM is a great alternative to the parks if you’re looking for something more secluded or want to do some off-roading, dirt bikes, etc.
  • It’s also great for camping or glamping even if you’re going to one of the parks for your actual wedding day.
  • Dogs are permitted in most locations on leash.



  • Zion National Park is located in Southwestern Utah. It’s a preserve featuring distinguished steep red cliffs. It’s near St. George, UT.
  • There is a wide-range of hikes / trails to match your desired adventure level. You can stay in the canyon or hike all the way to the top.
  • Dogs are not permitted in most areas (including all ceremony locations). Woof.


There’s so many fun options and beautiful landscapes to elope in Utah with an adventure for everyone. we’d love to help guide and answer any questions.

Utah Permits, Travel, & Vendors

  • Utah National Parks & State Parks require an Entrance Fee and Permits for ceremonies / photography. We secure our Commercial Photography Permit and will guide you through obtaining your Special Use Permit.
  • We have connections with local florists, officiants and mobile hair/makeup to help bring your vision to reality!
  • Our Utah Elopement Packages include our travel costs to/from the park so there are no hidden fees.

Things To Know Before You Go

  • The areas surrounding many of Utah's National and State parks are small towns. Whenever possible, we recommend securing lodging well in advance of your date.
  • Most restaurants in the surrounding areas close between 8-10pm, so make sure to plan ahead for sunset adventuring and have food ready, especially if lodging outside of the park.
  • Weather can fluctuate drastically while moving through the elevation of the canyons. Temperature can also drop drastically after the sun sets. We recommend brining plenty of layers so you can adjust throughout your adventure.
  • Keep in mind cell phone signal is pretty non-existent in most parts of the parks and some of the surrounding areas as well. Make sure to plan ahead before entering the park and share detailed information with loved ones in advance.

say hi to your new friends and adventure elopement photographer team

We’re Lauren and Allen we’re stoked you’re here. Many moons ago, we almost had a big traditional wedding. We hit a wall with planning and realized the wedding day we were leaning into didn't fit. Like a lot of others, we were just going through the motions. We decided to call it off.

A few years later, we ditched the traditions and decided on an elopement adventure entirely for us. And it was the most amazing day we never knew was possible for a wedding. But even when eloping, it was a challenge to not get caught up in "what do other people do” with so much being influenced. So we stopped scrolling. And paused. And asked ourselves, “What feels good to us? What do WE want to do?” And then had the best, most perfect day for US, and that’s all that mattered.

So I guess you could say we're pretty serious about making sure your elopement experience is unique and personally crafted to you. 😉 From planning, to day-of vibes and unique, artistic images - we want you to have the most personalized experience possible. (Learn more about our elopement.)

Ready to do this? Here’s how this works:

  • Reach out to us.
  • We'll meet and chat about your vision(s) in mind for Utah.
  • We’ll guide you with personal support so your adventure will be 110% authentic to you.
  • You'll have a wedding adventure you’re proud of— not settle or regret choosing anything less than what you deserve.

We’re passionate about personally crafting, capturing and celebrating everything that makes your love yours. Nothing phony. Nothing fake. An adventure and memories of your wedding day that you’ll be proud of, with elopement photographers that have been there and get it.