traveling Elopement Photographer | New Mexico based + travel worldwide

an elopement photographer for 

unique elopement weddings

in new mexico & beyond

im lauren. a wife. traveling artist. animal lover. human. night sky dreamer. lover of connection and all things wild & weird.

i get you. you're different. you want something different. something that actually feels like you two.
your day isn't about me, epic pictures, or perfection. i want your day to be all yours - in it's purest most rad form.

i’m not here to plan your day for you – i’m here to connect, embrace & capture what already makes you two awesome together. i want you to do whatever the hell you two want to do on your wedding day. if you want to elope by a campfire under a milkway way; right on, i know some great dark sky spots. if you want to run off to vegas and zipline down fremont street in your dress– i’m so game. can i bring allen? if you want to climb a peak in the rockies or helicopter to a frozen lake — i’ll grab all my wool gear. the important part of your adventure to me, is that it’s meaningful & about you two. not me, not the epic pictures or perfect timeline – i want your day to be all yours. no matter whether we’re under moon light, sunlight or neon lights – your day is about you two. you deserve to make beautiful memories, captured by someone you trust, that gets you.

this is fucking personal.  i’m the catalyst for a piece of your history. it’s important you like me. these will be pictures of some of the most personal and maybe epic moments of your life–i want you to have an elopement photographer that you can connect with on this new experience, enjoy and trust whole-heartedly. 

this is bigger than adventure.

a bit of my world.  

a wife to a hilarious, brilliant, supportive, messy sloth- and your second photographer if needed.

i’m spirit to the open road. i’m based in New Mexico, but travel most of the year around the western U.S. in my camper with my hubs allen and our adventure cat, fifi.

after years of putting off planning a wedding, last year we eloped. it was the best day and planned in under 2 weeks.

authenticity is my jam. i’m 100% that person that will tell you to go all in on your weirdness and follow your bliss.

i could listen to folks tell stories for hours. 

i’ve never loved anything more in my entire life than this man and where the open road takes us.

i’d love to connect & capture your world.

love stories