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Sunset Rock | Sequoia National Park

Intimate ceremonies in big landscapes like national parks, among even larger natural wonders – like the giant sequoia tree, make for one hell of a story to tell from your sequoia wedding day. We love couples that celebrate their big moment with adventure, surrounded by surreal landscapes. Can you imagine standing among a natural wonder of the world – on your wedding day? Serena & Alex have quite the collection of stories and moments from over the years (just ask them about that one time at the national monument in Hawaii). We’re so glad to see their wedding day is another epic story to add to the mix.

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When I saw Serena & Alex were wanting a small wedding ceremony in Sequoia National Park in September, I beamed with excitement. Couples including wanders of nature (like the Giant Sequoia Trees) in their wedding day, simply have our hearts. (Added bonus for September in the mountains!) Serena & Alex invited very close family, and had a large reception party planned to follow. But wanted their wedding ceremony day in the Giant Forest to be about them, in front of a beautiful natural backdrop. Which is exactly what they got. Following their ceremony and small picnic in Crescent Meadow, they hiked among the giant Sequoia Trees and enjoyed breath-taking views inside Sequoia National Park. Allen and I had so much fun documenting & hiking with these two on their wedding day. Alex is a ball of fun (one of the many reasons Serena fell for him), cracking all the jokes, as she loves reminiscing on all their fun adventures together. Our hike included a lot of “remember when…” stories. As well as that epic moment we realized it was the 21st of September, but didn’t have Earth, Wind & Fire’s classic song, ‘September’ ready to play. So we just sang it together instead.

Serena & Alex's thoughts

Where do I start? Lauren & Allen were the absolute best photographers I could have hired. They took care of the details leading up to the day, even checking in on me as a person. I didn't have to worry about photo lists or minute details of the photography. I love their ability to get candid photos, which I feel have more character. I let them handle the details (I had too many other things going on!), and that was a huge burden lifted. Even the day of, they asked me if I would be willing to hike up to Sunset Rock instead of Moro Rock due to the railings on Moro Rock. I was like "Sure!" Boy, am I glad I said yes, because I couldn't have asked for better pictures. I highly highly recommend them.

What made a sequoia wedding great for them

As Allen and I were adventuring around, just hours before their ceremony, we stumbled on Sunset Rock Trail- a trail not advertised on Sequoia’s park map. We were blown away with the view and literally NO other soul around. This trail absolutely lives up to it’s name. Serena was originally was thinking Moro Rock for their sunset wedding portraits. But, since we discovered our new favorite hidden gem inside of Sequoia National Park (and Moro Rock being limited for portraits and adventuring) we proposed Sunset Rock instead.

Without hesitation, Serena trusted us and was up for the adventure. (hashtag #couplesthatrockourfuckingsocksoff). Serena & Alex got to hike freely along the mountain’s edge, enjoying their first moments as husband & wife without the crowds that commonly gather in spots like this at sunset. Unlike the 360 views of Moro Rock on a narrow-guarded-trail, Sunset Rock is wide open and faced directly to West. This makes it a perfect spot to experience all of the colors and textures that make Sequoia National Park so unique.

Because this park is located Sierra Nevada Mountains range (neighbors to Yosemite) and dense with some of the world’s largest trees; it offers a unique sunset experience unlike any other landscape. With the combination of the rainbow-sunset effect of the mountains, against the giant redwood trees; easily makes Sequoia National Park one of out favorite spots for elopements & small weddings.

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What we loved most about Serena and Alex and their wedding in sequoia with us

celebrating your core

At the end of the day, we believe a wedding’s purpose and meaning it to celebrate chemistry; the memories, the journey here, all you share and all the adventures to come. To celebrate everything that makes you two, you. We love couples like Serena & Alex that know and embrace this. We’re so grateful for their trust, allowing us to document their real dynamic; not put on a show, but focused on just being together.  The dynamic you see here, is what is going to be remembered by them and their family for years to come. It’s the very reason for the celebrating and will be celebrating for years to come. It’s what makes their love, theirs. 

and these 3 words

Six pack challenge. One of the many (as Serena puts it) that Serena & Alex play together. This is definitely a unique one — they do a Six-pack-challenge. (!!!) They each grab a 6 pack of beer (often a new variety to try) and spend the night chatting; sipping down their 6 packs, with the challenge to be the first to finish their pack. It turns into a fun-ass night of random talks, poking fun at each other’s foolishness, laughing and not really finishing all 6 beers (ha). But ultimately, quality time between just them. We love that their quality time is intentional, playful, humorous and fucking fun. Hashtag; couples that intentionally play & joke around together are the best.


Couples like Serena & Alex, and other couples that find us, seem to have the trend of having lots of chutzpah (shameless confidence)! We love it when couples know what they want and just go after it. Spontaneously eloping or having a small wedding outdoors, somewhere adventurous – with no hesitations, no over-planning, just doing it. Serena & Alex celebrated their wedding day for them, making it about them and doing it their way (which can still include loved ones!) Alex’s lifelong friend Will, was their officiant & wing man. Serena’s mom, aunt and grandma prepared the most beautiful picnic for after their ceremony. Serena DIY’d her bouquet and switched from heels to boots, to hike on her wedding day.

Cheers Serena & Alex

>We wish you a lifetime of 6 pack challenges, reminiscing on the 21st night of September and forever finding humor together in the small & ridiculous things we all do. Congratulations to celebrating your wedding your way, with one hell of a wedding story to remember – at Sequoia National Park!

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