Sequoia Elopement Photographer

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hi fellow tree lovers

I’m Lauren, traveling elopement artist, guide and road trip enthusiast. I’ve been traveling the western u.s. in my camper with my husband and cat kids (yup) the past 3 years; capturing and creating for beautiful souls getting married in their own unique way. And what better location than among the majestic redwood Giants and granite Sierra Nevada mountains?

If you’re like me, you’re also awe-struck by the magic these massive sequoia have. Pairing your powerful vows with mother nature is something I thrive on documenting, and would love to get to know you and your vision in mind for your special day.

Wether you’re planning a wedding a year from now or are ready to hop in your car for an elopement – I would love to be a part of your adventure. I know the best spots (without so many tourists in the way), how to get the best lighting for sunrise/sunset, am your guide, friend and dedicated af elopement photographer. lets get ze party started!

Sequoia Elopement Pricing

My Elopement Photography pricing for Sequoia National Park begins at $3300 for partial-day coverage with one photographer (includes travel) and ranges to $8000 for 2 day coverage (includes travel and 2 photographers).

My couples average investment is $5500 for all-day coverage and 2 photographers

Tips & Tricks your Sequoia Elopement Photographer

Planning Your Visit and Sequoia Elopement Photography

  • The best time of year to visit is June-October, other times require more planning and considerations. Portions of the park are closed November to mid April.
  • The best time of day for portraits is at Sunrise or Sunset. Because of the elevation around canyons and mountain structures, sunrise and sunset times are effected. We help plan around this accordingly.
  • As your Sequoia Elopement Photographer I like to work with you on your timeline and locations to ensure the best lighting. Contact me before you get too far in the planning process!

Sequoia Elopement Permits and vendors


  • All national parks require an Entrance Fee and Commercial Photography Permit for ceremonies. For that reason, we help get you all the uninteresting, but important, details on this to make sure your ceremony or session isn’t interrupted.
  • I’d be happy to recommend local florists, officiants and mobile hair/makeup

things to know before you go

  • Sequoia is about an hour and half from Fresno, California and Visalia. Make sure to grab any food, marriage license and other errand items before you head into the park. You will pass through a small town of Three Rivers, but keep in mind resources here are slim and more expensive due to the remote proximity.
  • There is little/no signal once you enter in to the park. If you have loved ones meeting you there, that are not lodging with you or nearby, please be sure to communicate all necessary items prior to your day! There is wifi at the visitor center and main lodge.
  • Three Rivers is the closest town outside of the park – with a cool brewery with an outdoor patio right by the river and a couple other places to grab a small bite. Otherwise dining in the lodge within the park is the next best option!
  • if camping – many campgrounds operate from early spring to late fall. There are no hookup options in the park and water is limited to certain campgrounds only. Be ready to dry camp and be self-contained. Reservations are highly recommended, well in advance. Some are first come first serve, but can fill up quickly (especially during peak season). Consequently, we don’t recommend just showing up and trying to find a spot. We are happy to assist with your camping plans.
  • if camping – navigating in to the park with RV’s larger than 22′ requires extra consideration as several areas are inaccessible to extra large vehicles.
  • Sequoia has a mina lodge within the park and there are several Cabin Rental options within the park area as well. There are also various Airbnb homes near Fresno and Sequoia and nearby lodging in Three Rivers.

Sequoia Elopement Weather

  • Temperatures in Sequoia can fluctuate  day/night (around 20-25 degrees). From June-September, high temperatures average in the mid 60’s to low 70’s.
  • Nights in the park can be quite cold. The average low in the peak of summer is only 45 degrees. I recommend bringing lots of layers and planning for the temperatures to drop as soon as sun goes down.
  • Winter temperatures dip in to the teens at night with highs in the 30s. Roads become very icy and dangerous and unexpected closures are possible (in addition to the planned closured). As your Sequoia Elopement Photographer I wouldn’t recommend it for most couples.