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hi lovers im lauren

A sedona elopement & wedding photographer that also got married in Sedona!

I’m not sure how much research you’ve done on Sedona, or if you’ve visited before, but I’m guessing there’s a reason you’re drawn to Sedona like I am. The land of massive red rock canyon formations, red dirt trails, green forest, vortex energy, crystal healers — it’s nothing short of magical. This land is truly enchanted and one of Allen and I’s favorite high-deserts to explore in the southerwestern u.s. We love it so much, we actually eloped here. (sappy deets on that in the about section). 

Location aside – it’s so important to me that you know how much i value capturing and sharing your connection above all. This is such an incredibly monumental time in your lives that I’m going to be catalyst for. As magical as these red rock canyons are, the real magic is what you two share together. It’s so important to me that you connect with a sedona elopement photographer that not just fits, but loves and supports your values and vision.

a wedding in Sedona is an incredibly unique vibe and experience. are you thinking about taking your special day there?

I wanna know all about it love

elements i love about eloping in sedona

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vortex energy

there are said energy fields in certain pockets of the world that are so magnetizing you can feel it. true or not – sedona is known for them. but honestly how could you not feel something standing in at the base or vista of these giant red rocks? sedona is a poweful and breath-taking place to sanction your marriage, even more deeply for energy feelers. for this reason, Sedona is well known spot for crytal healing, tarot psychics and healers of the metaphysical world. 

The hiking & off-roading in sedona is out of this world

High desert forest meets red rock canyon. Red rock canyon means red rock dirt which means winding red rock trails through the forest and massive, uniquely shaped canyons. Holy fuck did you see what i just wrote? it’s magical. most folks that haven’t been here before joke that aliens must have build these canyons. the structures are so rare and unlike any other spot in the world. 

If you’re an experienced with technical OHV trail riding then you’re probably familiar with the bumpy canyon edge of Schnedbly Road that leads to some of the most spectacular views in Sedona. And if you haven’t been – you’re gonna want to check it out. Or Broken arrow trail that takes you to 360 views of the massive red rocks. Sedona is home to some iconic red rock formations that make exploring on your wedding day exhilarating as hell. 

There are endless hiking trail options nearby that range from quick and easy walks, to moderate and strenuous. The more desirable spots in Sedona require longer hikes (5-6mi) or a lifted vehicle. No matter if you’re wanting to strap in for an all day hiking adventure, or a quick walk to a vista – there is something that floats everyone’s boat here. 

Backcountry Camping / glamping

Bohemian, romantic, adventurous, sensual and all the vibes. Allen and I have spent quite a lot of time camping under Sedona’s night skies in their backcountry. if you’re into a a glamp style campfire elopement night, let us show you some remote spots we recommend that are only about 20-30 minutes from sedona central. if you want a sneak peak – head over to my ‘about’ section to watch our elopement film that included a moments from our elopement at our glampsite in the sedona’s coconino wilderness.

Sedona Night Skies

The southerwestern U.S. has some of the best dark sky viewing in the world. And Sedona is at the top of the list for some of the most spectacular views. They are so spectacular- that the city has a light ordinance that requires all businesses and residential homes to have large, bright lights turned off at sunset. Ambient light only. Romantic, right? Capturing stars under a new moon or the a full moon rising over the canyon – it’s pretty remarkable. You’ll soon find out I’m a night sky nerd, so if catching a moment under the stars or a campfire is something you think you’ll want, you’re absolutely in the right spot.