Whiskeysage portrait collections - 2020/2021

simply the best

is what you deserve– in life, love and a with your photographer –someone who just gets it. this isn’t about stiff moments that make you cringe– it’s about documenting this time in your life exactly and you want to remember it. you deserve have moments that feel like you; connected, in love, having fun and showcases the unique connection you share that’s simply the best and unlike any other.

I’m Lauren and I’m a nationally published destination elopement & wedding photographer.  Over the last 3 years I’ve captured unique couples, elopements and small destination weddings all over the U.S. and Mexico.  Wherever there’s whiskey, wine, discos, nature, starry skies and bliss — I’ll follow. 

our relationship together

this must be the place

I’m brining the champagne. Your favorite tunes, adult bevs, the whiskey or the sage or both –and always, all the good vibes. I’m here to celebrate your bliss babes and I’m doing with with my whole heart, for you, with meaning & soul. Lets laugh until we pee, dance in the desert, make magic on top of mountains, cry when we look up at the stars and feel the power in the moments you’re about to share.

session / adventure planning

I’m a couples photographer, artist & adventure guide. I’ve been capturing and creating for my couples all over the world in the western u.s., traveling in my camper with my husband and cat kids (yes you saw that right!) over the last 3 years; specializing in elopements and unique weddings in public lands, national parks and urban settings. I’d love to share my travel, adventure and permit knowledge or offer guidance if it will be be helpful to maximize your experience. But above all, I’m here to artistically preserve what matters most. 

lets keep it real

because life is too short for BS. love hard. celebrate hard. be you. do what feels good. 

don’t hold back and I promise I won’t either. I keep it as real as possible to be as free as possible. be in your moment. enjoy the hell out of it. be you. when you prioritize what matters most to you, the genuine and authentic moments flow right behind.

 i’ll never ever ask you to be fake, perfect or something you’re not. i want everything that makes you both the beautiful humans you are. 

i have a casual shooting style so you can feel at ease, but fiercely protect your moments-  meaning I will bend, hide, move people and shamelessly do whatever I need to do to make sure your bliss doesn’t skip a beat and your moments are everything you want them to be.

all collections include

+ online gallery + hi-res print release on all images

+preview images within 2-4 days of session

+full gallery delivery within 3-4 weeks

+ lauren as your lead photographer 

+10 years national travel experience + background

+3yrs specializing in capturing + helping plan elopements / intimate weddings 

+ 3 yrs nomadic living/ working/adventuring America’s back country

+ permit processing

+ national + state park advice, logistics, trails, timeline, lighting, travel tips, etc.

+ location / timeline suggestions

+ vendor suggestions

+ support, knowledge & tools to help guide with planning 

+ texts, calls, emails anytime babes.

booking with me

how to book

  • let’s chat / meet
  • review & sign your proposal
  •  pay 50% retainer to reserve your date 

whiskeysage portrait Collections

vortex collection

mix of artistic, creative & documentary-style moments of you + yours

This isn’t about stiff poses or just epic backdrops. This is a collection telling a story of this moment in your life. A collection with a mix of candid fun, sentimental and artistic portraits of you and yours and what you’re celebrating together.  This collection allows for various locations and moods. Great for couples wanting a vast variety of moments, locations, emotions and scenery to tell their story. Mix in any of the elements of the below collections to make it yours.

Up to 5 hours at various locations // 250+ hires digital images you’ll have the print release for, delivered within 3-4 weeks (often sooner)

*Travel rates would apply for areas outside of my travel schedule or current location

*Photography Permit fees would apply for national parks or similar

starting at $1950

Lunaire Collection

artistic captures from golden hour to dark, under a night sky to capture you + yours during the best portrait time, then again under a milkyway, starry sky or moonlight.

For my night sky lovers and dreamers, this is for you. I know all of the best locations in the southwestern u.s. for star gazing, or will go wherever the stars take you! Campfires often included. Highly encourage looking for unique Airbnbs for this as well. There are so many cool glamping tents, tipis or outdoor lounge areas that would be great for a fun night session. You bring the smores or snacks, I bring the whiskey & sage. (or whatever the fuck you want, let’s have a good time)

4 hours // one location // 75+ hires digital images you’ll have the print release for, delivered within 3-4 weeks (often sooner).

*Travel rates would apply for areas outside of my travel schedule or current location

*Photography Permit fees would apply for national parks or similar

starting at $1200

Wildfire Collection

intimate, spicy, powerful, provocative.

This isn’t about sex or nudity – this is about connection. To yourself (boudoir), or to you and yours. Wear however much or little that you desire. Just do what feels good, bring your most authentic and raw souls and let’s create some art. Lets meet at your Airbnb, home, or private outdoor location for an intimate, lifestyle boudoir-style session to deeply, tastefully and artistically celebrate your connection. i’ll bring the whiskey or the sage. or both.

3 hours // 75+ hi-res digital images you’ll have the print release for, delivered within 3-4 weeks of session (often sooner)

*Travel rates would apply for areas outside of my travel schedule or current location

starting at $900

Quartz Collection

A staple to remember this amazing time by.

Creative, heartfelt collection that showcases your unique story and depth of this time in your life. Let’s meet up for a couple hours to be carefree, get wild and slow down for some authentic moments that celebrate you, yours and life. Mix of emotional, artistic and documentary-style portraits.

2 hours // 50+ he-res digital images you’ll have the print release for, delivered within 3-4 weeks of sessions (often sooner)

*Travel rates would apply for areas outside of my travel schedule or current location

*Photography Permit fees would apply for national parks or similar


Comet Collection

A spontaneous, quick flowing session that goes through various poses + prompts at a rapid rate.

45min / 1 location // 25 he-res digital images you’ll have the print release for, delivered within 3-4 weeks of sessions (often sooner)

*Travel rates would apply for areas outside of my travel schedule or current location

*Photography Permit fees would apply for national parks or similar


frequently asked quesitons

so what does whiskeysage mean?

grounded yet elevated. good spirits. literally. figuratively. it’s a name about celebrating life with company that lifts you up and simply doing what feels good. plain and simple. whiskey and sage are a couple staples in my life and symbolic energies I live by. ‘whiskey’ represents company and celebration. ‘sage’ represents being lifted away from stress and pressures, aligning with what feels good. elements I believe celebrations of all kinds deserve to have and energy I like to bring to the table. not the stressful, over-planned weddings that go through the “perfect” motions, but creating space for real, genuine moments of celebration together.  ‘whiskeysage’ values celebration that are intentional. authentic. blissful. soulful.

where are you located? Are travel fee(s) included?

My current base is New Mexico, but as a nomadic / destination photographer, I’m often spend most of my time all over the western states. My husband and I plan on re-locating back to Colorado in 2021, so a lot of my marketing is for Colorado currently with waived travel. Places I am often in include Joshua Tree/Southern California, Yosemite/Sequoia, Sedona, Central CO Rockies and Albuquerque, NM. But I love to travel, so if it aligns with my route and I’m available, I love to make the magic work.

I book portraits session based on my location at the time of inquiry and often include waived travel, as long as I’m available in the area you’re considering. If not, I will note that in my original email and typical fee to travel. 

taxes & fees:
There are no taxes or other random fees. I will provide an upfront quote, after my initial phone call with you, and don’t do surprise charges later. 

Payment to book?

retainer fee is 50% of your collections total to secure your date. the remaining balance is due 4 weeks prior to your session. If booking less than 4 weeks out, the full amount is due to book.

Will all photos be edited?

Yes, you will receive an online gallery with both low and hi-res images (web and print size) that all all fully edited to my style and basic retouching (if applicable).

What is your editing style? Will black + white be provided?

Artistic-documentary with occasional editorial style portraits. I love emotional-based story-telling through images, so your gallery will include a range of wide, medium and close-up images with various forms of natural and artificial lighting. I really enjoy capturing during sunset and blue hour. I absolutely mix in some b+w images when the moments feels right but do no guarantee an entire gallery with every image duplicated.  

what kind of equipment do you use? Do you use flash?

I operate with a Canon Mark IV and 6D base. I often use my tripod for dark sky shots and occasionally use my flash or alternative artificial lighting for cool effects to have fun with and add uniqueness to your gallery.

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can we order albums & prints from you?

Yes! You (and those you share your gallery link with) will have exclusive access to my partnered professional labs for unique prints, canvas, albums and more.

How does the gallery work?

I will send you a gallery link where all of your images will be available for print, sharing, downloading in low and hi-resolution. You will receive a print-release for all images, but do have access to my professional labs as well. You can share this link with loved ones and they too can utilize the print show or purchase hi-res files. (Your hi-res files are complimentary).

How many images will we get?

Truly depends on the session you choose, which is estimated under the descriptions above. 

How soon will we get our images?

I will send a preview gallery link to you with 20-30 images within 3-4 days of your session. Remaining images will be delivered within 3-4 weeks.


location + adventure planning help

Travel and adventure is in my wiring. I have a strong background with 10 years experience traveling u.s./Mexico; including corporate consulting along the west coast for 3 years, 2 years as airbnb superhost out of Cincinnati, 3 years living/working nomadically in my camper, planner of adventure elopements in public lands and other destinations including Mexico.  I am always chasing the best landscapes for sunset, sunrise or stargazing and truly a travel, lighting, adventure and logistic expert. While I’m not marketing as a planner or guide, I am here as support to help you navigate, and a text or call away when you need. I’m big on your celebration being authentically yours, so I won’t do the planning for you (but will recommend hiring an awesome planner if that suits you), I’m still here to help navigate. Please lean on me for some suggestions that dance to the beat of your drum. 


lets get the party started.

reply back to my email and let me know some times we can all meet and chat. make sure to start following me on social media so we can get connected right away. 

i truly already love you for being here and cannot wait to hug the f out of you.