Merry Go Round Rock Wedding

Cliffside Palo Santo Ceremony

During our first chat with Christine she mentioned red cliffs canyons for her & Paul’s elopement; Sedona was the first place the came to mind. Known for its spiritual energy vortexes from the massive red canyon structures, Sedona Arizona is one of our top favorite locations for couples to have their adventure elopement. With just 4 weeks to plan their Sedona Elopement, Christine’s strong preference for an epic and memorable wedding adventure helped narrow down locations rather quickly. After presenting a few different options within their timeline, she confidently chose the highest elevation and bumpiest path, along Schnebly Hill Rd, to the most gorgeous view of the Sedona Canyons for a Merry Go Round Rock Wedding.

Christine and Paul's Merry Go Round Rock Wedding experience

Christine & Paul met initially through work, where they traveled between state borders of New York and Pennsylvania to see one another. A lot of the time Paul was making the longer trips to spend time with Christine. When they began talking about marriage, Christine was dead set on making it one of the most memorable experiences of their life. Being used to traveling the extra mile, Paul made sure it was the adventure of her dreams. We’d say he made that happen. Their merry go round rock wedding was even featured on Lovely Bride!

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Sedona is built for weddings - merry go round rock is a bit more challenging.. but totally worth it

We’re very use to hiking or driving to wild and exotic elopement and wedding locations with our couples, but the experience of a Safari-style rocking-climbing Tour Jeep was definitely new to us at the time (we’ve since done quite a bit more off-roading in Sedona). Schnebly Hill in Sedona is a dirt road, closed to traffic (unless you have a lifted 4×4 vehicle) and for a good reason. If your vehicle doesn’t have 1-2 foot clearance and 4WD, or inexperienced with jeeping, you’re in trouble mate!

The rocky dirt road is cliff-side, hugging the canyon curves on a steady incline, unpaved and bumpy the entire way up. Bumpy as in; climbing over boulders in your vehicle, bouncing on and off your seat for 45 min one way. This made for quite the entertaining drive seeing our lovely bride and groom laughing, taking in the views, applying lip gloss and holding on to each other for dear life.

The ride was definitely an adventure in itself, and like any adventure, always worth the reward. We hiked down and around to our cliffside spot, to face breathtaking views overlooking a valley of the Sedona red rock canyons, limestone and tall mountain structures. It was an on-top-the-worth feeling; the kind of feeling we believe sets the best tone for your ceremony. We’re so glad they chose to have a merry go round rock wedding.

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their baby announcement photo

What we loved most about Christine and Paul and their sedona wedding with us

From Lauren

The wind was mild on top of merry go round rock for majority of Christine & Paul’s ceremony. The moment they began saying their vows, you could feel the breeze picking up. Right after they said, “I do” – a large gust of wind came through. The wind blew Christine’s gown behind her, tossing it in the air with beams of beautiful sunlight shooting through.  I instantly got chills and my heart skipped a beat.

As if this moment couldn’t get more magical, Sedona showed off just how powerful its energy can be. The wind carried throughout their first kiss and then– Paul surprisingly grabbed his new wife, gently dipped her back and went in for his second kiss. It was the most romantic kiss I’ve ever seen!

This photo is very special. I remember when taking it, I was far away candidly documenting and noticed Paul’s hands move toward Christine’s belly. I normally wouldn’t direct that unless I knew my couple was expecting. Paul’s movement was intentional and natural; I let it stay. We found out post-elopement these two were expecting all along!!  We had no idea! They used a slideshow and part of our drone footage as their marriage & baby announcement!

Congratulations Christine & Paul, on a such a remarkable and symbolic adventure to welcome in new life, love & happiness together.

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