Joshua Tree Wedding Private Vows

Hidden Valley | Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Lauren and Christian had an intimate wedding in Joshua Tree, but the night before, they snuck off to the park to share their personal vows with each other privately.
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“I love the relationship that we have. I love that we are best friends as well as partners. That we share equal parts of the responsibilities of life. Someone that I am proud to wake up and do life with. I love that we both push each other to be the best people we can be and can dream of what we want our life to be like.” -christian

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so many couples struggle with choosing to elope vs have a wedding. I love that lauren & christian found a way to do both without compromising. instead of choosing – they adventured the night before to share a few hours running around joshua tree’s golden light together. i love this for so so many reasons – but mostly because this was their idea and their way of making their wedding about them without compromising. and seriously, we all know that nothing pulls at our heart strings more than hearing two people genuinely in love express their devotion to one another. to be on the other side of that moment; thinking, writing, feeling and then saying those words out loud — for some of us, that moment is simply made to be between two souls and two souls only.

lauren and christians intimate joshua tree wedding

private vows the night before

i’m a big fan of letting my couples tell their story vs me, so i plugged in some bits of their heart they shared with me below. but i will always gush about my perspective on here-  your love fills my soul and is the reason i do what i do.

being together for 9 years and having a one-year old, they’ve shared so many milestones already. i love how these pictures remind me of connection i felt when capturing them. so genuine, sweet and trusting of one another. you can just tell how much these two lean on another for support and hold each other up.  i love how christian was making lauren laugh and the way he embraced her was simply so comforting; soothing her through all the nerves and emotions for nearly two hours before they actually said their vows.

“I was very surprised with how emotional Christian got while saying his vows. Christian doesn’t really ever cry, so to see how emotional he got while talking about how much he loved me and why, really made me see how much he cared for me and valued our relationship.” -lauren

What was the most memorable part of your vow session?

C: Being able to completely immerse ourselves in the moment. I think not having to think about anyone else really allowed Lauren and I to just focus and enjoy every little thing together. Whether it be the sunset, laughing at each other, and just being completely honest with each other as we started our journey forward together. 

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What was the most memorable part of your vow session?

L:  the sunset after we said our vows. The wind had subsided and we just stood together there, holding each other close, and watching the most beautiful sunset. Our *amazing* photographers had a little hidden gem where we said our vows so we were secluded and able to just enjoy our time alone together. 

me: i love how sunsets have this magical element to tie in the power of a moment. as soon as that sun crests i like to let me couples be. and just feel. i’m so glad to hear that is one of lauren’s most memorable moments too.

How do you feel about choosing to say your vows privately?

C: We loved that it gave us a chance to get lost in the moment without having to worry about what our guest could or couldn’t hear. It gave us a chance to just focus on us, which was the most important part for us. We love our families unconditionally but it was great to have a day to just focus on one another and then another day to celebrate with the people closest to us. 

the next day i got to meet the family and see these two actually get married, so there’s a whole other cry fest coming in another link. i am so happy and honored to share these memories of you, lauren and christian. another favorite part of their celebration – they had it all filmed, including their vow night. head over to the link below to check out those moments and heartfelt film.


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