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Looking for a Joshua Tree Photographer?

We’re stoked you’re here and excited to meet you! We’re Lauren & Allen – WhiskeySage Adventure Photographers. And we specialize in couple adventure sessions, elopements and weddings in Joshua Tree. We travel full-time, but this is one of our favorite locations, so we’re here quite a bit throughout the year. In fact, we do more work in Joshua Tree than any other place. Which means we’re a lot more than your Joshua Tree Photographer – we’re helpful guides to your awesome adventure ahead. Like you, we’re drawn to the energy of the desert and we can’t get enough. We love connecting with couples that choose to experience the desert vibe & plan for a wicked celebration together in among the Joshua Trees. Get in touch – we can’t wait to share our secret spots and be your Joshua tree photographers!

Joshua Tree Photographer For ALL You Lovers

We love being Joshua Tree Photographers because of folk like you. There’s a certain energy that draws people to Joshua Tree – and we’re all about it. We’ve connected with the most rad couples in this desert. Couples that have celebrated an anniversary, on a random road trip, wanted an sexy in-home session, decided to elope and even get married in Joshua Tree. If you’re looking for a secluded and private place to escape that’s still adventurous and fills your soul, Joshua Tree this is the place. And we can’t wait to be your photographer.

Elope, Adventure or get married in Joshua Tree National Park

The Joshua Tree desert is home to us. It’s our base and our favorite place to relax and connect with other souls that enjoy the serenity of this sacred ground. We absolutely LOVE Joshua Tree and think a wedding or elopement within the park is one of the best locations for a ceremony. This pocket is such a gorgeous part of the Mojave and Colorado Desert. It’s also near Yucca Valley (Joshua Tree is a form of the YUCCA plant) and also near one of our favorite small desert towns, Landers (check out the amazing airbnbs surrounding the park in these areas!)

Joshua Tree is known for it’s world famous rare plant-not-tree species, but also a known spot for rock climbers, spiritual enthusiasts and those simply wanting to disconnect and immerse themselves in the calming desert surroundings. The Mojave Desert is unlike any other place on earth– it’s the few regions in the world you’ll find the Joshua Tree.

Because the Joshua Tree is so rare and the park is a beautiful high-desert valley, the park has visitors from all over the world come to visit it’s unique and dense landscape. You can expect a beautiful, picturesque backdrop that has no comparison. Because of the vast desert valley of Joshua Trees, there are hundreds of secluded nooks for private ceremonies, making Joshua Tree an easy choice for a scenic, adventurous and private elopement or wedding.

Joshua Tree photographers that are local

Whether celebrating your love, an anniversary, eloping or throwing a wedding — you deserve to have your moment documented, and documented well. Which means you need a Joshua Tree photographer that you can vibe with. If you’re like us, you really like the thought of relaxing in a hammock with the gentle wind blowing, exploring a nearby trail or getting lost under the dark night sky in this low-light pollution pocket of the world. 

We spend a lot of time here, so we’re connected with many vendors in the area, are familiar with the park rules/permit guides and know some of the best secret spots to run around together in the park. Even spots you can bring you pup! We’re here to make sure you not only get amazing images from your adventure – but also make sure you have a hell of a good time with your Joshua Tree photographer.

Tips & Tricks From a Joshua tree photographer

Planning Your Visit & Photography

  • The best time of year to visit is early spring or early fall, other times require more planning and considerations (heat and wind storms).
  • The best time of day for portraits is at Sunrise or Sunset. Because of the mountains, the sun rises 30 minute later and sets 30 minutes earlier than the surrounding areas.
  • As your Joshua Tree Elopement Photographers we work with you on your timeline and locations to ensure the best lighting. Contact us before you get too far in the planning process.

Vendors, Permits & Fees

  • All travel fees are waived for Joshua Tree, unless we’re going to be super far away a few days prior to your date.
  • We have connections with local florists, officiants and mobile hair/makeup and will assist with planning.
  • All national parks require an Entrance Fee ($25-$30) and Commercial Photography Permit (starting at $150+) for ceremonies. For that reason, we help get you all the uninteresting, but important, details on this to make sure your ceremony or session isn’t interrupted.
  • Skip the park, skip the fees, skip driving to/from the park and opt for an Airbnb or local venue that allows small events. Joshua Tree is growing rapidly and ready to host your celebration. Get in touch – we know some cool alternatives for your celebration!

Joshua Tree Airbnbs, Camping & Cell Coverage

  • The city of Joshua Tree itself is fairly small, with a locals saloon, a small strip of local artisan shop & boutiques, a couple breakfast joints and the West Entrance + Visitor Center. 
  • For dining, there is an Indian Resturant and pizza joint – but most food/dining is found in Yucca Valley.
  • The best kind of lodging is grabbing a modern-chic desert aribnb house nearby in Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, Twentynine Palms or Landers. If wanting something more lush with amenities, check out Palm Springs for hip boutique desert hotels with a ton of fun dining & bars within walking distance. Palm Springs is about an hour from the town of Joshua Tree and about an hour and half if inside the park.
  • For the more rugged type, opt for camping in  Joshua Tree.  It’s a popular camping area for many reasons (that night sky is surreal!). Most sites are first come first serve, so get there early to claim your spot. Most camping is dry camping (no hookups). You can reserve certain spots online, however spots are limited. Consequently, if you get there and can’t find a spot, we know where there is free camping outside, but near the park.
  • Keep in mind cell coverage is extremely limited/not available in many areas outside of the park and with no signal once you get past the park entrance. For this reason, we either recommend following us into the park and/or pre-planning our meeting spot to the GPS coordinates. 

Joshua Tree Weather For Your Adventure, Elopement or Wedding

  • Early spring (March/April) and early fall (October/November) are the best times to adventure in mild temperatures with lots of sun.  However, the desert climate is very temperamental so expect that to change on a whim and let your free spirit flow with the weather, too.
  • Temperatures in the desert fluctuate drastically between day/night. Once the sun dips below the mountains, it becomes increasingly cool very quickly. Bring lots of layers to stay warm!
  • In summer months, the desert gets as hot as 120 degrees — and for this reason do not book sessions/events in June, July or August.
cholla garden in jtnp

Joshua Tree Elopement Packages

Adventure Elopements & Small Weddings

2 Photographers & Guides

  • Options from 4 hours to full day or two day adventures
  • Lauren & Allen to help you craft your elopement
  • Questionnaires, couples activities, calls, and texts to get to know you. Send us all the memes!
  • Personalized Location Guides to fit your vision

Stress-Free Planning

  • Our in-depth Elopement Wedding Planner & Guide
  • Help with timeline, best lighting, and hiking ideas
  • Lodging, travel, and other logistics support
  • Recommendations for officiants and other vendors

Finishing Touches

  • Full Resolution – Shareable Online Gallery
  • Preview Gallery – Within 1 Week
  • Personal Printing Rights & Professional Lab Options

Elopement Wedding Packages Starting At

$6000 // 12-16 Hours – Two Days
$4400 // 10 Hours – One Day
$3900 // 8 Hours
$3400 // 6 Hours
$3000 // 4 Hours

  • All packages include both Lauren & Allen photographing

Joshua Tree Adventure Packages

Starting At

$1300 // 2 Hours – Lauren -or- Allen Photographing

  • Adventure packages available weekdays only

  • 2 hour adventures only available if date aligns with our travel schedule + availability, otherwise adventure will require travel fees or upgraded package selection.

Go against the grain! celebrate your love in joshua tree & let us help guide & capture your adventure

Adventure Photographers

the copes - joshua tree photogrphers

Congrats on this milestone you’re celebrating. We’re so glad you’re here! 

We’re Lauren & Allen – desert dwellers, adventurers, elopement & wedding photographers and full-time nomads bouncing around the western U.S.  We’re equally passionate about making sure you have an amazing and personal experience with your joshua tree photographers, as well as making sure your moments are captured & delivered authentically to you.

We’re not big on traditions or conventional celebrations – and we love new experiences more than anything. Which is why we absolutely love being joshua tree photographers. We love souls like you – attracted to the depth & serenity this slice of desert paradise holds. We absolutely love to help create and capture your incredible memories, in one of our favorite places. We specialize in Joshua Tree Photography for couples adventures, elopements and small weddings. 

Let’s start adventuring, mates!

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