Joshua Tree Photographer

**reduced rates for 11/10 - 11/23**

hi lovers im Lauren

a traveling joshua tree photographer all about connecting, creating & feeling something real in your memories. 

planning something fierce to celebrate something incredibly special in Joshua tree? i don’t know if you’ve been before or this is your first time, but i’m guessing you’re picking up the incredibly cool desert vibes unlike any other. or maybe you’ve been a ton a times and no other places fits the bill quite like this desert town. or maybe this is a last minute idea and you’re on the ride of your life. whatever the celebration, please bring me along and let’s create some beautiful memories. joshua tree is like a second home to me and i’d love to capture your natural magic here.

our souls are just a mix of chaos and art

I’d love to capture yours.

Pricing info

Weddings begin at $4200

Elopements begin at $3300

Sessions begin at $500

*reduced rates available for 11/10/20 – 11/23/20

why I love the Joshua Tree vibe

tranquil desert town

if there’s ever a spot you can take a trip to and feel life slow down a bit and dive deep into your soul – the desert of joshua tree is it. don’t forget to also check out landers, pioneer town, yucca valley and twentynine palsm nearby; the neighbors to joshua tree that also serve up the same serene vibe. these pockets of the California desert promote detaching, taking deep breaths, deeply feeling the energy of the earth and souls around you. making it one of my favorite towns to visit. there’s a piece of comfort here to me that always feels like home each time i come back. sharing that experience and vibe with kindred spirits is an exceptional feeling. 

mid-century modern influence & vibe

 joshua tree is a place to unplug and distract yourself with everything simple and amazing – like life in the mid-century. and for that reason alone – is one of my favorite places on earth. i  love to come here to write, listen to great music, paint, take in the sunsets, hike, watch meteor showers, enjoy outdoor showers and take in all the scenery. the airbnb designs are all designed around this vibe making for some of the best and most unique airbnb homes to rent – especially for small or private events like elopements or weddings.  it’s a great balance of getting a taste of the wild desert, slowing down your moments while still having a comfortable and modern place to chill at.

dark sky viewing

a couple hours outside of LA and San Diego, you will find some of the darkiest skies in the southwestern U.S. So rad in fact, a group of scientists, artists, musicians and healers collaborated to build a compound to take in the magic of the desert and it’s night sky, and called it The Integratron. This remote location and sound bath house, is geographically placed directly in the middle of a dark sky area in an area called Landers, not far from joshua tree. It’s a chilling spot to view the stars, take a sound yoga bath, rent for a retreat or escape to the nearby wilderness to do on your own.  The picture you’re looking at above is from one of our favorite campsites, just minutes away from the integratron. it’s by far one of our favorite desert escapes and where our adventure cat fifi learned how to catch her first lizard. If you’re also a fan of the night sky and find yourself getting lost looking up, I know a joshua tree photographer that would love to meet you 😉

im lauren

i'm obsessed with spontaneous road trips, especially when they lead to unknown destinations. i'm here right now because i love the magic of connection - it's a powerful feeling we share with ourselves, the souls we love, nature and the wonderful elements around us. nothing razzes me more than seeing two amazing people that share something unique and real together, embracing that and celebrate it authentically to them. life is so fucking short. what matters most to me is that you get a chance to remember how it felt. these moments are all we'll have some day and i want your pictures to transport you right back to the moment. this isn't about rad adventures and cool photos to me, this is about celebrating your connection and preserving a piece of your history. it's your art.