Images faq


Q: What does buying the copyright do, why is it important, and what is it worth?
A: This is important because we are in the process of selling our image archive to a third-party, but we have the ability to exclude your images if you purchase them first. This prevents us from selling them and prevents us, or any third party, from using the images you own the rights to for any purpose, including but not limited to website use, commercial use, advertising, social media, literature, etc. Commercial copyrights are usually sold for a single image or a handful of images and can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars when used for advertising purposes.

Raw Images

Q: What are RAW images, why would I want them, and what are they worth?
A: The RAW images are the original, straight of the camera images from your day. They are full high-resolution images, that are unedited and can be imported in to a photo editing app so you can edit them any way you like (or share with a professional editor to have them edit them to your preferred style). The possibilities with having the full RAW gallery are endless. There are significantly more RAW images than Edited images. RAW images, on the low end, are valued at $5-$30 per image (not including commercial copyrights)- which equates to $5,000-$3,0000 for 1000 images. We would much rather they go to you and are willing to short-sell them to make that happen.

Q: How many RAW photos are there and why didn’t I get them all before?
A: There are a lot more RAW photos that are taken than are delivered. We deliver a much smaller number of edited photos to keep it manageable to edit, easier to view, and we focus on delivering only what we consider to be the best-of-the-best images that match our style (which still usually well exceeds the number of promised images). Most RAW galleries are 2-4+ times the number of photos. If you want a more specific number for your images please reply and let me know.

Selection and Payment

Q: How do I choose an option and pay?
A: Log in to your gallery with one of the links we’ve previously sent. Then download the full gallery. Or, to purchase images with copyrights, head to the “Shop” area and select one of the gallery purchase options. Alternatively, for options 2 & 3 you can reply to the email with your preferred option and Allen can provide further instruction/payment method etc.

Q: Are there payment plan options?
A: We are happy to set up reasonable payment plans by request. Keep in mind we are processing and delivering photos in the order in which they are paid in full.


Q: How fast can will I receive the photos?
A1) For downloading of the Edited Photos, you can download same day from the online gallery.
A2) For RAW Images and Flash drive delivery will be handled in the order they paid for. Each RAW photo order can take 1-3 days to process (it’s a lot a significant amount of data to transfer– it’s quicker to put on a flash drive than to upload). Edited Photos on a flash drive take about 1 day to process. Then add a few days for shipping. Upon ordering, we will let you know how many orders are ahead of you and an estimated processing timeframe. We will update as we go as well and plan to get them processed and sent as quickly as humanly possible.