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how far in advance can we book with you?

you can book with us up to 20 months before your date and recommend not waiting any less than 5-6 months out. However we LOVE spontaneous weddings, so don't let your timeframe stop you from connecting with us. just reach out and we'll fill ya in. we try our best to make it work if we can.

How Much Coverage Do We Need?

it truly depends on the moments, events, locations and travel needed for your day. we definitely recommend reaching out and meeting with with us so we can get to know you and your plans. we'll send you a custom quote and don't charge travel or have any surprise fees later. our coverage starts at 4 hours for smaller ceremony events at one location and scale from there. our coverage time goes from the moment we arrive to the moment we leave.

what equipment do you use?

we operate with canon Mark IV's. We have a variety of lens lengths we use, tilt shift (our favorite. we enjoy using natural and ambient lighting but prepared to use on-camera flash when needed for low-light scenarios.

But Wait, There's More

What's the most unique wedding you've captured?

can we say ours? haha. just kidding. our day was awesome. but we really love all the different vibes our couples go for. we really love festival/disco desert weddings with the Coachella vibe. we lived in Palm Springs/Joshua tree area for a couple years and got to know the area well. we got to capture Nikki & John's super unique day between the cholla garden at sunrise for their first-look and then their disco desert party later in the day back in the springs. it was a blast. they also had a super meaningful ceremony with Palo Santo in the jumbo rocks and had the most stylish festival wear, vintage convertible and even themed their entire reception. Nikki has alopecia and I just admire her bravery and spirit. And John adores her. It was a beautiful celebration to document and fun as hell . fuck we need to blog this.

what kind of planning / support do you offer?

a lot of our couples are really great at logistics and have a strong preference for what they're looking for, so we don't have to be very hands-on with planning other than moral support and working together on timeline, lighting and how much time we need for certain moments. we love to help guide when needed and do have a planner tool we can provide if you want. we also are happy to make suggestions, recommendations, referrals when we can, etc. we care a lot about your moments being authentic and real to you-- so we invest a lot of energy in getting to know you, your love, your story and people celebrating with you so when we show up, it feels like we're old friends and we don't have to bother you for anything. except for when we share a shot later in the night.

waht do you love most about documenting weddings?

each couple we capture is SO unique. we've never shot the same style of day twice. it's a huge outlet for us to get creative and everyone is always happy. you can't be mad at a wedding. it's such a unique way to really showcase and celebrate what your love is about. every couple we meet inspires us in new ways and it's fueling. not to mention it's the most rewarding honor to be the catalyst for someone's wedding memories that they'll cherish for a lifetime. that kind of synchroncitiy gives us chills. we often become friends with our couples we capture and get to experience full circles (babies, anniversaries) first hand, or at a distance through social media and we love staying connected. it's the most rewarding experience to do what we do.

do you do hiking / backpacking elopements?

some yes, depending on the trail. easy-moderate hikes less than 4-6mi are fine. Lauren had a bad injury in late 2020 so anything with significant elevation gain or longer than 6mi+ out and back aren't in the cards for us. But we know some awesome talented folks that can help out if you're wanting something more rugged and adventurous.

are we able to make an album / order prints through you?

absolutely. you will have a professional online gallery where your images will be stored, with our gallery shop attached. we offer tons of print options, including album and flat lays. the album process is setup for you to design directly, so you don't need to wait for us to be available to begin working on your album, you can do it at your own personal pace. if you'd like to us to design, we'd love to help and can provide you a quote for that service once we get to know the product you're looking at, pages, images, etc.

when you do deliver images?

we usually have a preview of 10-20 images to you within a week of your date or sooner, depending on our travel at that time. your full gallery get delivered over the next 6-8 weeks. editing is something Lauren loves to do and applies unique edits to every single image she delivers. a lot of photographers outsource this, but it's something she really loves and enjoys using different techniques, tones and artistic compositions to uniquely tell your story. her individual techniques truly take the images to another level to enhance the mood and feel of the moment that a lot of other editing styles don't offer.

how did you come up with your brand name, whiskeysage?

we came up with one night while camping outside of giant rock in landers, ca. (we spent a lot of time there - awesome dark sky area) and we were around a campfire drinking whiskey. Lauren had her crystals out with her sage (actual sage) and allen was pouring his bourbon. it just hit. whiskeysage. it's masculine and feminine. yin and yang. one is raw + earthy while one is smooth + refined. it felt very symbolic of us and how our energies mix.

in relation to our work, it really simply represents pure connection (sage) and toasts + celebrating (whiskey).

we celebrate life almost daily. not with whiskey, but just in general - dancing, clapping, singing, hugging hard. joy is important to us. we believe the small wins deserve celebrated just as much as the big ones. except the big ones deserve to go alllll out for.

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