Elopement Photography Packages

Cheers to celebrating your love with an adventure elopement as unique as your love

And making sure it's remembered that way. Hi lovers, dreamers and friends. You must be reading this because you’ve decided to make your big moment about what matters most- you TWO. And HELL YES, we’re HERE for it.

We know this elopement wedding planning journey may feel overwhelming; there's a lot to consider and so many different options.

We know how you feel and we've been there. We also eloped 😉 We're here to remind you that no matter what the endless amount of ‘how to’ blogs say, or what family may think, or the best landscape to pick—whatever you're dreaming up, whatever adventure you want; the most meaningful part of your story is you right here, right now, deciding to make your moment truly yours. And then making it happen!

So CHEERS - to keeping your wedding adventure meaningful and authentic to you. Own this moment and be proud— you’re in the exciting stages of creating an adventure you’ll be proud to call YOUR wedding day for the rest of your lives.

Reach out now! We'd love to meet you!

The WhiskeySage Way

The Vibe

We create a space where you’ll feel comfortable, relaxed and entirely able to be yourselves. We take pride in spreading joy and creating an atmosphere of trust, fun and good times. Curated playlists and whiskey always on deck.

Your Memories

Are what you have left to remember your day by and the part that really matters most to us.  We’re passionate about making this personal so you can comfortably create authentic moments that feel as powerful and unique as the love you’re celebrating. We believe your images should emotionally reflect what makes your love yours and never look the same as everyone else’s.

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Your Experience

When we show up it will feel like you’re working with long-lost friends. We help with every step of planning  or take the back seat, if that’s what you prefer. We’re flexible. We don’t plan your entire day for you, that’s not what we feel eloping it about; but we do help you craft a meaningful, intentional adventure that’s deeply special to the love you’re celebrating. We keep it personal and we keep it real. We cuss. Our heads are probably in the gutter. And care a fuck ton about you having the best day of your damn life.

say hi to your new friends who also eloped

This is your wedding – the most authentic adventure of all. And your pictures are all you will have to remember it by. From a couple that ditched our big wedding to have an intimate adventure for us, we know how personal and special planning an elopement is. Which is why we’re passionate about creating a fun, safe, relaxing space for you to be comfortable and your most authentic selves to thrive on your wedding day.

Your Elopement Investment Includes

2 Elopement Photographers

Your husband and wife elopement photographer team that will feel like long-lost friends who share their whiskey, snacks and will throw elbows to make sure you have the kick-ass day you deserve. Like making sure your moments are documented by two unique perspectives and nothing gets missed 😉

The Whiskeysage Way

personalized & meaningful. a space to be unapologetically you, with curated planning, guidance and fun activities to gear up for an authentic and meaningful adventure of a lifetime.

How you want your day remembered

On-top-of-the-world moments filled with joy, love, life, depth and laughter. Emotional and artistic imagery unique to the love you share. Your authentic love, not pictures that look like everyone else's.

125+ Experiences

Guided over 75+ different couples on different elopement journeys. 50+ unique couples having an intimate wedding. Journeyed 150K+ miles for love.

Experienced Adventure Elopement Photographers

We've been specializing In adventurous and unique elopements / weddings full-time, across the United States and worldwide over the last three plus years. We have years of travel, living a nomadic life on the road, adventuring and planning elopements from coast to coast, with all the guidance to help make your day incredible.

included Travel

No extra or hidden fee(s) later. All collections below and in our guide are region-specific based on your desired location and include travel fee(s) for both me (Lauren) & Allen.

elopement wedding photography packages

Elopement Wedding Photography Packages

the most authentic adventure of your lifetime shared with just your favorite person or a small group of guests

All Elopement Photography Packages Include:

Lauren & Allen – Lead Photographers
Personalized Planning & Guidance
Location Research
Timeline Building
Photography Permit
Travel Expenses

U.S. & International

Starting At $4700 // Partial-Day

How to get started


Reach Out

Tell us a little about yourselves and your vision in mind. From there we’ll set up a time to meet virtually so we can start hyping and helping right away.


Get personal planning & support

We’re passionate about making your experience personal and fun; helping you craft a day that is symbolic, intentional and 100% about you two. Not a one-size-fits-all elopement guide and check-list.


Have an authentic & meaningful adventure

Creating memories that feel as powerful as the love you’re celebrating– with elopement photographers that amplifies your joy and get just how personal and meaningful this adventure is.