Whiskeysage elopement & wedding celebrations - Colorado collections

celebrate authentically trust me to do the rest


the vibe

I’m here as your elopement artist & guide (as needed). Most importantly, I want your celebration to be authentically yours, and deserves to be captured by someone you love, trust and vibe with. Your love is unique and deserves to be celebrated and remembered that way. My couples mean everything to me, and sharing the connection of photographing this powerful moment is something I deeply take to heart.

I’ve been capturing and creating for my couples all over the world in the western u.s., traveling in my camper with my husband and cat kids (yes you saw that right!) over the last 3 years; specializing in elopements and unique weddings. I’d love to share my travel, adventure and elopement knowledge or offer guidance if it will be be helpful to maximize your wedding experience. But above all, I’m here to artistically preserve what matters most. 

lets keep it real

because life is too short for BS. love hard. celebrate hard. be you. do what feels good. 

don’t hold back and I promise I won’t either. I keep it as real as possible to be as free as possible. be in your moment. enjoy the hell out of it. be you. when you prioritize what matters most to you, the genuine and authentic moments flow right behind.

 i’ll never ever ask you to be fake, perfect or something you’re not. i want everything that makes you both the beautiful humans you are. 

i have a casual shooting style so you can feel at ease, but fiercely protect your moments-  meaning I will bend, hide, move people and shamelessly do whatever I need to do to make sure your bliss doesn’t skip a beat and your moments are everything you want them to be.

collection essentials

+ online gallery + hi-res print release on all images

+ lauren as your lead photographer 

+ optional second photographer if needed (my business partner and husband Allen is pretty rad and my #2 photographer from the start)

+ 3yrs specializing in capturing + helping plan elopements / intimate  weddings 

+ 6yrs travel experience ; 3 years as nomad living + working in my camper in america’s backcountry.

+ witness on marriage license for elopements 

+ support as needed with permits, national + state park advice, logistics, marriage licenses, travel tips, etc.

+ location / timeline suggestions

+ vendor suggestions

+ support, knowledge & tools to help guide with planning – but i do not plan for you or condone stressful elopement or wedding timelines

+ texts, calls, emails 

booking with me

  • get in touch then we’ll meet
  • review & sign your proposal
  •  pay 50% retainer to reserve your date 

Colorado collection pricing

Colorado Elopements

intimate, adventurous and unique celebrations - just you two, or handful of loved ones with you. Collections include up to 3 hr travel accommodations from Denver.

two day coverage (up to 16 hours total)

Best for moments captured during best lighting – sunrise + sunset! Also great for multi-day celebrations and adventures with various locations, events or more adventurous hikes. 

Lauren + second photographer, Allen


full day (8 hours)

The full story of your day 

Lauren + second photographer, Allen – $3800

Lauren only – $3200 

Half day (5 hours)

Good for a couple locations in mind or more involved hike.

Lauren – $2900

*add-on second photographer for $250

partial day (3 hours)

Best suited for one location for ceremony + portraits

Lauren – $2500 

*add-on second photographer for $150

(additional travel rates apply for more adventurous locations/hikes or multi-day celebrations.

*Second photographer advised for more adventurous locations/angles or all day celebrations with other loved ones attending 

*$200/hour to add-on to any collection if needed/desired

Wedding Celebrations

for you + yours and all the beautiful souls you want there to celebrate with you. collections include travel accommodations 3 hours from Denver.

For 2 day coverage (16 hours consecutive or split up) with Lauren and husband allen (my second photographer)



for all day (up to 8 hours) with Lauren as your lead photographer + a second photographer



for all day (up to 8 hours) with Lauren as your photographer (no second photographer)


(additional travel rates apply for international locations or multi-day coverage)

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frequently asked quesitons

will you party with us

do you prefer beer, seltzer, wine, whiskey, tequila? champagne? 

there’s a reason the name is whiskeysage. I’m all about elevated celebrations and making this moment personal, so heck yes I’m here to help bring the party. I will have champagne for popping, beers for shotgunning, shots prepper, music, good vibes, and your fav adult bev ready to celebrate with you. And for weddings, if you’re inviting me will totally disco the night away after my work is done (if ya unt to)

what are the travel costs

travel fees:

The above fee includes up to 3 hours of travel from Denver, CO. If for any reason your date/location requires more accommodation, we will chat about that a custom quote will be provided for you. additional travel is typically only necessary for holidays, or multi-day celebration coverage that requires more than one night accomodation. I love to adventure and explore, so this fee is minimal if required.

taxes & fees:
There are no taxes or other random fees. I will provide an upfront quote, after my initial phone call with you, and don’t do surprise charges later. 

how to book

for most collections, first we’ll chat to make sure i’m absolutely the one for you, and also so i can provide you the best most accurate quote upfront. from there i’ll send you a link to view/pay your retainer and sign your agreement online. you can even do it from your phone. super easy.

booking payment:
is 50% of whichever package you select, which secures your date and officially retains me as photographer. the remaining balance will be split in to 2 payments- one payment between your contracted date and your wedding date and the final payment 1 month before your wedding date. you can also pay on this at anytime. no taxes or processing fees are applied to my photography packages. i accept credit, debit, and ACH checking/savings payments only.

what if I don't know where to elope/get married or don't have a date yet

you’re not alone and it’s totally ok. i’m glad you’re excited to tie the knot with your lover. i’m a big believer in going with your gut, celebrating somewhere that will make you feel amazing and not stressed and not over-planning to a point where it’s stressful and LOVE letting chance be a beautiful part of your day.

if you have a couple locations and dates in mind, or totally flexible to my schedule and super laid  back and ready to get rolling, lets do this. i can work with that. get in touch.

if you don’t know where you want to go or when and have a strong preference – let me know you’re interested in booking with me, let’s stay in touch, but get more serious once you have some dates/locations narrowed down.

if you’re looking for expert help with planning around your day, including specific locations, let me recommend some awesome elopement planner adventure photographers for you. 

lets get ze party started.

reply back to my email and let me know some times we can all meet and chat. make sure to start following me on social media so we can get connected right away. 

i truly already love you for being here and cannot wait to hug the f out of you.