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unique celebrations of love

we're Lauren & allen

A husband & wife elopement & destination wedding photographer team based between Colorado & California. We travel the western U.S. & Mexico for adventurous & unordinary celebrations of love. We’ve been working together as a team for over 7 years and said adios to our traditional wedding plans and decided to elope back in 2019. We’ve helped couples from all over the world plan their elopement adventures and have traveled over 150,000k mi for love, most of which was while adventuring in our camper for 3 years! We’re all for breaking the rules. Life is too short, we have to follow our hearts. Wedding days seem like an important time to probably do that. ; )

How you celebrate your marriage is your legacy. We care about your story & show that through an elevated experience with emotional, artistic imagery that is yours and only yours.  You deserve your moments documented by an elopement photographer team that values the meaning of your celebration as much as you do.

xx your colorado elopement photographers 

colorado wedding photographers for stories that are anything but ordinary.

north cascades elopement

Hi lovers, travelers, dreamers and friends.

Are you looking for a colorado elopement photographer team that vibes with your celebration in mind?

Maybe you’re ditching the original wedding plans and choosing something more intimate and adventurous for your wedding celebration?

Maybe a bigger, traditional wedding was never your thing?

Maybe “elopement” doesn’t really fit what you’re doing either.

and what is all this talk about adventuring?

because maybe, your love is more than just any ordinary trending search word or hashtag…

ahhh. Yes. that’s the one. we get it.

you’re getting married. YOUR way.

wether you call that eloping, an intimate wedding, destination wedding celebration, adventure, etc–

what’s important is that you’re celebrating in a way that excites your soul & honors your connection.






Vibe & Values

Your Memories

Our couples trust us to document their magic & create artistic and emotional images that tell their story. Your moments are priceless and deserve to be captured by people who care about your legacy. We believe your images should be anything but ordinary because your love is anything but ordinary. You deserve images that uniquely tell your story and two photographers with two perspectives, two angles and different lens depth allow for that. 

Your Experience

Getting to know you, your love & the details of your story is one of our favorite parts of the photojournalism journey with you. Your trust allows us to intuitively capture your love the way it deserves to be remembered. Our couples lean on us for planning guidance, day-of coordination, timeline, vendor suggestions, location ideas and so much more to help make planning breezy. We love that we always feel like we’re old friends the day-of. We say fuck. Our heads are probably in the gutter. We generate at-least 1-3 inside jokes after our time together. But most importantly, we deeply care about your elopement day being the most meaningful and amazing day of your life.

elated Vibes

Good energy is essential for good moments and starts with who you surround yourself with. We are 110% absolutely by your side with all the good juju, personal playlists, snacks, bevs, wearing 573 different hats to keep you feeling your best so you can have the best memories. We take pride in spreading joy and creating timelines that allow for you to feel relaxed and mindful so you can truly soak in your moments and not feel rushed.

Featured Colorado Wedding

If you’re like us, you’re also awe-struck by the magic of Colorado’s landscape. Colorado offers so much adventure to choose from you can’t go wrong. Pairing your powerful vows with mother nature is something we thrive on documenting. No matter which landscape you’re choosing–we’re here for it and would love to get to know you and your vision for your special day. Need inspiration? Checkout our Zion Bride Featured Blog below.

celebrations of love we often capture in colorado

Hybrid Wedding celebrations

Our favorite cocktail because we love throwing out rules and going rogue. Hybrid weddings usually are a mix of a multi-day destination wedding and adventure that allows for you to focus on your love, while also dedicating time to celebrate with loved ones. Couples often pick one day to say vows privately and then celebrate the following with loved ones later. But anything goes!

elopements & intimate weddings

Private celebrations that are unique, outside of the box and intended for you and your favorite person. Maybe a handful of loved ones. There are so many fun options to spend your day together -- and we're down for anything that's symbolic of what makes you love yours.

adventure Elopements

Strap on your hiking boots, and fasten your seat belts, we're probably going to get rugged and sweat a bit (or a lot). You may even get to wear your dress and earn a gorgeous Mother Nature dirt/sand/rock ombre ; )

Multi-Day Celebrations of love

Because one day can be a lot to cram in everything you want documented, especially in more remote locations, and if you are like us and enjoy that gorgeous golden hour lighting that happens and sunrise and sunset, you often need a couple days to capture it all. Let's divide your coverage up, sleep, eat and be refreshed for all your important moments. Can be mixed with adventures, couples boudoir, hybrid wedding days and more. There are no rules, only love.

Destination Wedding Celebrations

For you and a larger group of guests. These celebrations range from high-desert festivals in campers and campfires in SW Colorado, to large celebrations on a ranch, to destination weddings at a ski lodge in the rockies. Always included: elements carving your own path for your special day.

Your Investment Includes

Hudband & Wife Team

Two perspectives. No moment missed. More images, unique angles a husband-wife team that's been working together for over seven (7) years. We have a solid flow and enjoy being a team that will feel like long-lost friends. We'll even share our whiskey, our snacks and will throw elbows to make sure you have the kick-ass day you deserve.

customized coverage

No cookie-cutter approaches. Below we have our range of coverage, but please inquire so we can send you a custom quote fit to your vision. We're flexible for any changes as well, and you do not have to have it all figured out to reach out.

focus on your story

We focus on the root of the celebration - your love & life you're sharing together. Details, laughs, hugs and the big moment are all equally important to documenting your story.

artistic imagery

Unique edits you can't wait to hang on your wall or put in an album. These are not your ordinary wedding photos. Lauren handcrafts and applies special editing technique to each image you receive. Galleries often includes a few special composite pieces Lauren artistically designs specially from your special day.

Travel Accomodations

Our collections include travel costs for both Lauren & Allen. Our pricing is upfront with no hidden fees or taxes later.

the vibe

The good-energy kind of people you want to be a part of your celebration and the professionals you can trust with your cherished moments.

Celebrations of Love Collections

We customize your collection for you and the moments you want to remember. Below is our starting coverage rate for the timeframes we offer. Please inquire for a more specific proposal personalized to your adventure & celebration in mind.

Colorado Photography Collections

multi-day wedding celebrations

6-12 hour coverage each day
Three Days from $12500
Two Days from $8500

all day wedding celebrations

8-12 hours
starting at $5500

elopements & intimate celebrations of love

4-8 hours
starting at $4500
*you two only or a very small group

*International Updates

We miss our international friends deeply. As soon as it's possible, we will begin booking international locations. Couples wanting to travel to the U.S. are welcome to book for 2021/2022 at this time, but understand flexibility must be considered for potential travel restrictions.

*Iceland is opening their borders 3/26 to travelers that have been vaccinated.

*Greece plans on re-opening their borders to those who have been vaccinated by mid-summer and EU residents will have access beginning in May.

Other celebrations

We love to capture life & love being passionately celebrated no matter the occasion. Please get in touch to tell us about this special time, check our availability and virtually meet for a custom proposal.

Portrait Sessions

It's alway a good time to create meaningful memories. No "special" occasion needed ; - ) We love to couples boudoir, honeymoon adventures, proposals, maternity, engagements and more. please get in touch for a custom quote for your date/location and moment in mind.

Salud! bottoms up, mates! What's next?

we cheers

And celebrate life– always! Especially for wedding celebrations and especially for yours right now. We can’t wait to meet you so we can hear all about your story and vision in mind. Connect by filling out our contact form. We’re usually in touch within a couple days.


You Have New Photographer Friends

We’re more than just your destination wedding photographer team – we’re your new photographer friends that truly care about your story, your life, your love. We hang out over zoom, chat over social media and Marco Polo, meetup before and likely there for your next big moment. This has to be this personal so we can intuitively and artistically capture your memories the way they deserve to be remembered.

elopement wedding photography packages

celebrate your story & make priceless memories

We never show up as strangers. By this point we’ve built a relationship and know what moments are most important to you without you saying a word. You trust us implicitly so you can be present in your moments and make your day about your love. We cheers and share a coldie or shot. We hug hard. We laugh hard. We celebrate right along with you.

Colorado Elopement Tips

Lighting and planning for your special day

  • The best time of year to visit depends on the feel you're going for and the elevation of the location you're interested in. We will help you sort all of that out - get in touch and let's chat about your vision!
  • Our favorite shooting time is at Sunrise or Sunset. Because of the mountains, the sun rises and sets MUCH differently at various locations/elevations. Many factors go into this; elevation, obstruction of nearby mountains/objects, time of year and more. Get in touch so we can start mapping out your ideas.
  • As your elopement photographers, we enjoy helping guide you with your timeline and elopement location to ensure the best lighting for your moments. Contact Us before you get too far in the planning process if certain lighting is important to you!

Colorado Elopement Vendors, Permits, + Fees

  • Huge perk of eloping in CO: Officiants and witnesses are not required in Colorado. However, you're more than welcome to have both. Or even have your dog as your witness and sign your marriage license. These are facts. How cool? All the pup kids please!
  • We can help connect you with local florists, officiants and mobile hair/makeup for the destination or area you're interested in
  • Many areas in Colorado do not require a permit.
  • All state and national parks permits for ceremonies, some areas require Commercial Photography Permits and entrance fees.. For that reason, we help get you all the uninteresting, but important, details on this to make sure your ceremony or session isn't interrupted.
  • Effective OCT 2020 : Rocky Mountain National Park has made some major adjustments to their visitor/wedding permit process. They are:
    • (1) limiting permits for weddings to 250 per year
    • (2) limiting to 2 ceremonies per day per location
    • (3) requiring all visitors to have a reservation or be listed under your ceremony permit
    • (4) wedding permits go on sale on 10/01/2020 at 8AM MT click here to apply to try and reserve your spot. even if you don't know the final details, this will be your best bet to guarantee you a spot next year within the park.

best places to elope and get married in Colorado

  • For outdoor ceremonies check out locations like Rocky Mountain National Park, Breckenridge/Vail, Buena Vista, Telluride, Ouray and the Great Sand Dunes are some amazing locations. Each offer their own unique adventure, so get in touch and let's chat through your blissful vision.
  • Tip:  Ski towns like Breck make amazing wedding venues, especially for a summertime celebration to beat the heat.
  • Our personal favorite spot: Ouray, CO. It's a small mountain town in the San Juan portion of the Rockies and hosts the most charming town lined with tons of shopping, eateries and outdoor recreation (have you seen the ice park?! amazing!). The most epic 4x4 off roading is nearby (hello for my non-hiking folks!) and the best views with nobody around. Bonus: you can rent jeeps right in town. Extra bonus: this town has a hot spring open most of the year to soak your bones from adventuring. Come during fall to experience the aspens changing color. WOAH.
  • Don't forget about a visit to Red Rock Amphitheater or seeing garden of the gods outside of Colorado Springs
  • Sure Colorado is for the outdoor enthusiasts, but a fun city wedding and elopement is just as amazing this this state. for a fun, urban elopement or wedding- you can't beat the rooftops of Denver or the cafe-lined streets on Larimer Square. Denver is one of the coolest cities in the U.S. with delicious breweries, speakesies and fun rooftop eateries and restaurants. if you're into a city beat elopement we're all in.

Weather For Your Elopement PHotography

  • The aspens in the fall are one of our personal favorite times to visit (late September - October). Places like Crested Butte, Buena Vista, Aspen and Telluride have some of the most amazing fall foliage views. Springtime in the mountains is gorgeous, often trails of wildflowers really between mid-June to August once the snow has melted and making waterfall trails a treat.
  • 300 days of sunshine!  Bring those sunnies.
  • But also be prepared: Weather in Colorado can be quite unpredictable. The Rocky Mountains are not super forgiving to hair, makeup and snow can come literally anytime ( June - August are best bets or no snow). Temperatures and conditions can fluctuate drastically day to day or even same day. Best advice: embrace the journey - it's a part of your story.
  • If your date isn't fixed, we can absolutely help you select a date that's expected to be desirable based on your preferences, but always encourage you to embrace the unpredictability and go with the flow

Ready to cheers with us and have the most amazing celebration of your life?