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the photography mentoring and business coaching you've been waiting for

We’re Lauren and Allen, a husband and wife photography team that scaled our photography business to 6-figures in just 2 years. 

17+ collective years as corporate business coaches and leaders, trainers and sales operations/business managers. Coaching and helping you succeed is our passion.

Within just two years of pursuing our love for photography, we built a business that allowed us BOTH to go full-time as nomadic elopement photographers and ditch our corporate jobs.

Are you someone who...

trying to succeed or get to the next level but feel stuck?

not sure where to spend your energy to get the most return?

blowing money on courses or workshops that aren't working for what you need?

is feeling the pressure to run your business a certain way?

has seen some success from investing in education but not really what you're looking for?

Looking for help at a deeper level - not just surface level?

then you need a photography mentor and business coach that's been there too.

Are you looking for a mentor who...

is a self-starter and launched their business at a rapid rate?

has been there and gets it?

rose above the pressure of the industry to build an authentic brand?

help grow your business vs change your business to imitate what everyone else is doing?

Can help you get "unstuck" and level up?

then we're the photography mentors for you.

not a one-size-fits-all course and not just a mentorship.

this is personalized, professional 1:1 photography business coaching.

From Lauren - aka 'Sage' // Elopement photographer, dreamer, artist, traveler, healer, goal-chaser, business coach with extensive corporate background specializing in business management, business coaching/training, sales management, client interactions, profit-building, marketing/branding and more. Obsessed with dreamy black-lit sun flares, Spotify and reading my horoscope.

From Allen - aka 'whiskey' // Elopement Photographer, Virgo AF, efficiency expert, SEO Biz Owner, Web Designer, Operations Manager, business coach with 10+ years corporate background specializing in business management, leadership, team-building, coaching, training, operation, profit-building and more. Obsessed with memes, cats and making sure our website load time is always under 2 seconds.

whiskeysage coaching mentorships

Colorado elopement photographers

1:1 Mentoring with professionally trained business coaches

Before taking the leap as full-time elopement photographers, Allen and I were corporate business coaches and business/sales/operations managers for collectively 17+ years. Helping others use their existing skills to grow and develop is something we’ve both been passionate about for a long time. With our extensive training, combined with our photography/business success, you’re in the best hands to reach your dream photography business goals, authentically.

authentic coaching

This is so much more than just improving your photography or business skills. This is about working 1:1 so you get the personal support you deserve, to confidently develop your personal brand/style and build a  business you love that is authentically you. Not what you’re “suppose” to do or just “what’s worked” for others. This is developing what works for YOU.
Sage Elopement Guidance


A safe place to keep it real. You’ll get sage support, education, tools, guidance and unique exercises for building confidence in your work, self-love, creating for your soul vs ego and focusing on what matters most: following your heart, loving your business as yours and making money doing what you LOVE.

why whiskeysage is a different kind of mentoring experience

To start, it's important to that we talk about what we are not. 

We are are not:

A one-size-fits-all course 

A portal of pre-loaded guides

A series of pre-made workbooks that has nothing to do with what you need

Series of how-to tutorials and check-lists 

Teaching you how to run your business like we run ours

Mentoring you to shoot and create like us

Encouraging you to edit like us

Selling you our pre-sets

Having you follow us on a shoot or sending our BTS to mimic what we do


Tailoring our 4-12 week business coaching and photography mentorship course to your needs

Personalizing course material to your specific needs

Empowering you to be a confident, self-assured business owner and creator

Working 1:1 on a structured basis to accelerate your growth and reach your goals

Coaches that help develop and hone your skillset to build a photography business that works for you

Empowering your own unique shooting style and creating from YOUR soul

Teaching and training you on how to develop your own editing style and how to shoot for that style

Providing you with unlimited tips, tricks and tools, resources and more

Helping you grow your business organically with SEO, setup, training and advice

Providing you with unique photography exercises that challenge your current setpoint, boost creativity and provide you with personal feedback based on your goals, not industry trends or pressure

are we the mentors for you've been waiting for?

Your mentorship Investment Includes

1:1 Business Coaching with Lauren / Allen

All coaching collections include working directly with Lauren for the entire mentorship. When you select the WhiskeySage Collection, you'll also work directly with Allen along the way.

Weekly FaceTime Coachings

We make this a personal and impactful to fast-track to you to your goals. Four-Six 60-minute video calls each month, with mid-week check-ins, homework, goal-setting and follow-up.

Photography Coaching

Unique exercises and training to connect you with your work, your clients and the heart behind your passion. Tips, tricks techniques to take your photography to the next level. And most importantly - empowering your individual style vs imitating ours.

building an autonomous business

Targeted focus on building your confidence and trusting your inner guidance system to lead your business to success. Defining your own success and reaching it. Not focusing on what the pressures of the industry puts on us.

1-3 Month Mentoring Options

Depending on your goals/needs we may recommend one to three months with our standard sage coaching or with our whiskeysage coaching, where you'll also get targeted focus on SEO/Web optimization + google presence with Allen. Option to renew on a month-to-month basis.

VIP Pass & Discounts for Workshops

Being a part of our whiskeysage coaching will immediately grant you a discount on our future workshops and first-in-line access to register! We'll keep you directly updated on new events.

photography mentorship & business coaching packages

WhiskeySage Coaching Collections

create your dream photography business that is authentically you
Photography mentoring / business coaching
With Lauren and Allen:
Deep dive into your business goals with advice for your personal needs.
No one-size-fits-all manual. No pressure to make your business like ours.
4 completely personalized coaching video chat sessions per month (1hr / wk)
Additional 1 hour per week of personal communication, support, and research.
The tools, support, and knowledge to grow your business your way.


SEO setup / Learning
With Allen (Zippy Sloth SEO):

2 one-on-one recorded screen share learning sessions per month (2hr / mo)
Google Analytics/Tag Manager/Search Console/Web Master Tools Setup
Detailed SEO site audit with personalized recommendations
SEO reporting each month with recommended action items
Advice for optimizing / speeding up your site
One Time Payments
3 months // $3150
2 months // $2650
Payment Plans
3 months // $1150 Per Month
2 months // $1425 Per Month

Sage Coaching Collections

create your dream photography business that is authentically you
Photography mentoring / business coaching
With Lauren:
Deep dive into your business goals with advice for your personal needs.
No one-size-fits-all manual. No pressure to make your business like ours.
4 completely personalized coaching video chat sessions per month (1hr / wk)
Additional 1 hour per week of personal communication, support, and research.
The tools, support, and knowledge to grow your business your way.
One Time Payments
3 months // $2100
2 months // $1700
1 month // $1000
1 hour // $275
Payment Plans
3 months // $800 Per Month
2 months // $950 Per Month
1 month // $600 Per 2 Weeks

our why

Las Vegas desert us
Lauren – because I wish I had this kind of help when I first started.

I’m a self-starter and always have enjoyed doing things my own way. But when I began building my photography business, I couldn’t find a photographer or educator who I “clicked” with. Or the artists I really loved to follow weren’t offering mentoring/coaching that also covered business growth and profit.

So I invested in education that I knew I would give me a return of some sort, and it did help a little, but nothing specific to my personal business needs. And if anything, I felt more pressured to create and run my business in a specific way that didn’t feel authentic to me and what I wanted. Fortunately for Allen and I, we have a strong background in business operations and leadership. So while there was still a major leaning curve for us entering the photography world, we were still able to excel at a rapid rate autonomously, without caring about the pressure of what we were “suppose” to do that is constantly influencing us on social media.

And now that we’re off the road full-time and settled into a home, we’re excited to start offering the education and guidance we wish were available when we first started. Mentoring that is about supporting you as the kick-ass business owner and creator you are, setting and reaching goals fit to your needs, not what we think you should be doing, and creating a photography business you fucking love to call entirely yours.

Allen – Because I’m Passionate About Helping Others Succeed.

Growing up I always wanted to be successful. I gravitated toward climbing the corporate ladder because “that’s just what you do”. As I pushed, clawed, and fought my way up the ladder, I’d often think- “damn I wish someone would just help me”. I never really had a mentor or a manager who really wanted ME to succeed. They just wanted me to help THEM succeed. They always coached by the book since it was a “proven formula”. That mentality always bothered me. It just wasn’t personal enough to help me grow.

I decided when I got into leadership that I was going to do things differently. I was going to be successful because my employees were successful, not at their expense. It was very rewarding making genuine connections with my people and watching them reach their goals, both at work and in their personal life. I quickly became known for being a leader that helped build other leaders. If someone needed promoted, they came to work at my store. I was able to help others grow and achieve their goals because I took them time to understand their unique challenges, their ambitions, and their motivators. I observed and gave candid feedback. I build coaching plans specifically to them (not the ones the company provided). I encouraged them, bragged on them, boosted them, and coached the shit of them until they got what they desired and were working toward.

I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve helped get promoted or otherwise reach their business goals, but I’ve never forgotten how it made me feel. Having left the corporate world for the love of photography and SEO, I find my greatest joy and come alive when I’m helping our couples have the authentic, special wedding day they deserve or when I’m helping someone grow their business through SEO. I’m so stoked to enter this next chapter as we launch our coaching mentorships- where I’ll be able to bring my passion into your business and help YOU SUCCEED in reaching YOUR specific goals.

How to get started


Apply for your mentorship spot

We limit the number of applicants we take each month. We’re serious about giving you the personal attention and energy you deserve, which means we can only reserve so much time. If you aren’t selected right away, you will be immediately placed (in order of date you applied) on our waitlist. We’ll notify you as soon as your spot is available!


get the personalized coaching you need

From folks who have been there and get it. Don’t let the pressure of the industry get the best of you or your business- get the support that fits your needs and level up in your way.


build a photography business that is authentic to you

Stop spinning your wheels getting nowhere. Stop investing in education not fit for your needs. Avoid the pressure of the industry or “how you’re suppose” to do things and create a successful business that is authentic to you.

submit your application to get started

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