Photography Mentorship with Lauren (sage)

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Are you looking for a photography mentor to...

help you get out of your own way?

help you develop or strengthen your photography skills?

help you develop or strengthen your brand idenity?

help you have a better relationship with your clients?

Help you shoot with more intention?

help improve your work flow?

teach you how to make the money you deserve to make?

share marketing & SEO tricks?

help you with the sales / booking process?

values a no bs policy?

Help you level up & grow?

congratulations friend, you're on the right track to getting the tools you need to getting your journey rolling the way you want and one step closer to working through the BS you're telling yourself that's holding you back.

eloping couple driving in car in joshua tree


i'm lauren

your mentor and the 'sage' part of this rad photography business i’m in love with. I hope you’re ready to get deep. (that’s what she said). Because I'm not going to talk about how many figures we make in a year, or how many times we’ve been published, or how fast we scaled to get where we are. Hopefully isn't anyone's main goal when getting into photography... my single goals here are:

(1) Support and celebrate you

(2) Give you the technical tools, knowledge and insight you need around developing your photography skills

(3) Give you the technical tools, knowledge and insight you need around business operations, sales, marketing and branding.

(4) Help you fall in love with yourself, your art, your work and your clients so much that you seek validation from you and only you.

this mentorship is about


to yourself, your art & your clients


falling in love with yourself, your art & your business


learning & going beyond what's comfortable

let’s see if my mentorship is for you.

are you...

passionate about growing your existing photography business?

looking for advice?

feeling small in a large sea of photographers?

feeling drained by social media?

finding yourself second-guessing and over-thinking?

not nailing your shots or editing and don't know why?

exhausted from social media?

comparing your work to others?

not getting the help you need from facebook groups?

not making the money you need?

scared to increase your pricing?

not getting bookings / leads?

or worse-- getting ghosted?

avoiding conflict with clients or peers because "it's not worth it"

feeling like you're ready to quit somedays?

not sure what you're doing wrong?

you're at a disconnect friend.

And that’s something we ALL experience. But must of us don’t know how get past it, or don’t find the right support, or throw money at problem without taking a deeper look… and worse – ignore it until it becomes a bigger problem, lose hope or give up.

I’ve been there. And it took a few times before I really pulled myself out and found a place to thrive. And I’m here to help you do the same thing. 

This is your opportunity to re-connect, full-fill your purpose with photography and get past the bullshit you’re telling yourself and focus on the shit that matters. 

Together we’re going to level-up your skills, your mindset, your business– and help you fall in love with the artist and business owner you already are.

this mentorship is  refreshingly raw, life changing, and different than anything out there.

know thyself.

i want to mentor with you because...

i care about you -

making the income you deserve
setting bounadries within your business to preseve your soul
reaching your goal potential
realizing how awesome you already are
feeling confident & proud of your photography & unique skills
not comparing yourself to other people.
working with clients that love & respect your worth.
feeling in love with yourself, your work, your art and your business

why should you trust me.

because i don't want one more person in the photography industry wasting time and potential debating their worth. i don't want one more person to to feel "less than" because of the industry pressure and intimidating follower numbers. i don't want the world to be deprived one more minute from your heart & art that deserves to be shared.

Because I’ve felt every single one of those negative feelings listed above. Not feeling like “enough”. Over-thinking everything. Comparing myself to everyone else. Worrying about my image. Not being smart enough, creative enough, successful enough. I've been there. I’ve kicked myself harder than anyone around me and it’s an ugly place to be.

it took time and effort to get over my own shit, but i did. hardcore. love myself and thriving. and you can too. the first thing you need to do right now is realize you have something unique to offer. that has nothing to do with what anybody else is doing right now. if you don't know what that is, i'm here to help you. if you do know that is, i'm here to strengthen that and build on it more.

all leveling-up starts with passion for what you do, willingness to do the work, some networking and support, some knowledge, and above all---mindset. and i help with ALL of those things.

think you're ready for a mentorship with me?

Answer these quesitons first:

are you willing to be honest, raw and vulnerable?

are you ready to do the work and make whatever changes you need to level up and feel good about your photography business?

are you willing and able to allow me to challenge you?

are you ok with feeling uncomfortable if it means you're growing?

are you emotionally available?

Are you open to critical feedback?

are you ready to fall in love with your art, work, life, business and most importantly, yourself?

Only if you're ready ....

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If you answered 'yes' to all the above...

Your mentorship Includes

getting to know you

photography is incredibly personal and so this mentorship. i send you an activity once you apply that helps me get to know where you're at, where you want to be.

1hr zoom call

we get know each other, put your goals into perspective, cheers to growth and education, laugh about dumb things and probably at some point cry into our drinks and you tell me what you want to learn.

photography skill bulding

from basic technical advice around learning your camera or how to nail that "perfect" shot -- to strengthening your existing skills by adding new, unique challenges and techniques to the mix or learning in/outs of editing, we do it all.

business & marketing skill building

tools, resources, advice on anything related to improving your website, branding, marketing, business operations and sales.

Screen shares & video chats

2 hrs a week to screen share my work flows/tutorials, video chat or do video call. Let's use the time wisely however makes sense for your needs/schedule.

learning how to set boundaries

with your time, with your clients, with anything in your life so you can preserve your energy for your soul, your art and your purpose that brought you right here right now.

finding & amplifyig your "why"

knowing & applying this strategically in your branding is ESSENTIAL to the success of your business and getting clients to not only want to work with you, but excited to work with you and ultimately LOVE working with you.

practicing self-love

because that's what it takes to fall in love with your life and the work you do.

Photography Mentorship


*month to month only

1 hr initial zoom call

video chats through marco polo (2 hr/week)

deep-dive into:

branding, photography skill building, strategic content creation, business operations, sales / booking process, seo/website analysis, marketing your content, being your own boss, how to live your best life loving what you do. (pick 2-3 topics to focus on or plan on a second or third month)

fun, insightful and deep af activities

*the real tools you need to be the artist and business owner you deserve to be

$750 / month (option to re-new if we both want to)

$150  1 hour zoom

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with allen
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what's included:

With Lauren’s Photography Mentorship  – $1000 (normally $1200)


it's time.
own your BS
and level up

how this works:


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