Desert Elopement

Hidden Valley | Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Anna and Peter decided to turn their vacation to the U.S. from Switzerland, into an opportunity to finally make it ‘official’ and elope! Anna is a Finnish girl and Peter is a Dutch guy who both have lived in Switzerland for the past 6 years. Anna actually said one of  her favorite memories is how they decided to elope to Joshua Tree. She said what started as kind of joke (to elope while in the U.S. on vacation) turned into conversation and by the end of the next day, they had most of their planning in place!

Peter said, “It might sound funny, but it was nice and relaxed the way we decided this together, arranged everything, planned all necessary things. As equal partners enjoying every step in the process. Maybe a tad unconventional without a formal proposal, but I can honestly advise it to everyone.”

We love to see and share stories like Anna and Peter’s. They turned the organic and seemingly crazy thought of eloping, into one of the most powerful experiences they’ll share together. Our biggest advice to couples deciding on how to get married, is to do what feels right to you two. And couples like Anna & Peter, demonstrate how fluid and fun embracing that feeling can be.

elopement joshua tree california anna & peter love & elopement photography
elopement joshua tree california anna & peter love & elopement photography
elopement joshua tree california anna & peter love & elopement photography

How they met... gives nicholas sparks a run for his money

Peter puts it best:

“The way how it really started between us, cannot be beaten by any Hollywood movie I think. To realise that you have found the woman of your dreams who will, in a few days time step onboard a sailing race yacht to sail from South Africa to Western Australia across the most treacherous Ocean thinkable. Without any means of contact for two weeks and knowing she could fall prey to all the dangers lurking out there (storms, icebergs, whales) in a race that you yourself are ultimately responsible for… You cannot believe the relief I felt when she stepped ashore safe and sound. “

Re-read that again. Because I’m 100% certain you need to re-visualize every word this man said. If there isn’t a film out with this story-line – there should be.  Holy cow – what a visual. That puts a whole new meaning behind “we met at work.” 

elopement joshua tree california anna & peter love & elopement photography
elopement joshua tree california anna & peter love & elopement photography
elopement joshua tree california anna & peter love & elopement photography

Anna and peter's elopement night in joshua tree national park

We love that these two showed up with the biggest smiles and warmest hugs. After catching up and getting settled, it was so refreshing to see how relaxed and at peace these two were throughout the evening. Seeing Anna’s excitement for the scenery and even more so during their ceremony, was beyond heart-warming. One thing we love about Joshua Tree is that no ceremony spot ever needs to be the same; there are amazing views and light opportunities all around. We found a Joshua Tree by a large boulder that gave us that artistic sun flare we love, illuminating Anna’s already lit-up expressions. It was seriously heavenly throughout their ceremony. We also love that they each picked up some sandstone rock, to place in their hourglass, representative of stopped time for their moment. This was something unique we’d never seen before and absolutely loved it.

After their ceremony Peter popped the bubbly that we had brought and we all enjoyed a toast before they adventured into the sunset to soak up their moment.  To see these two naturally so full of life (insert all the heartfelt hugs and Peter tossing the bouquet hahaha) was so amazing to be apart of. We’re honored to have captured their elopement night in Joshua Tree.

anna peter allen lauren joshua tree love and elopement

why anna and peter rock our socks

Anna & Peter rode the wave of a funny thought, that felt right, and executed their wedding ceremony in their style. We love that they turned a crazy idea into one of the best adventures and most memorable experiences they’ll share together. Not just that, but they are flat out the most fun-loving and appreciative humans we’ve probably ever met. We were welcomed like family from the moment we all met, hugged and thanked galore… and they even got us the most ginormous bar of delicious Toblerone Swiss Chocolate – brought all the way from Switzerland!

We truly had a remarkable time with these two beautiful souls and hope we get the chance to take them up on their offer  and visit with them in Switzerland one day. I told Anna I’ll snow shoe, but me skiing will embarrass us all. So we agreed to a tentative snow shoe date;)

Congratulations Anna & Peter! We wish you a future filled with loads of ‘funny’ ideas that lead to unforgettable adventures! <3

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