Anza Borrego Desert Elopement

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park | Borrego Springs, CA

without going on a political or religious rant, we respectfully want to portray that we love all love, equally. it’s our belief that love is equal; no matter your sexuality, gender, race or religious beliefs. we’re passionate about capturing love stories, deep connections and emotions. end of story. xoxo. p.s. this elopement was featured in Gay Weddings & Marriage Magazine!

our favorite ceremonies are with couples that prioritize their desires above all. Liss & Cait are free spirits that have been together for 3 years now. Together they’ve traveled the world; adventuring in different cities, staying in hostels, getting lost and having the time of their life just wandering with full hearts. what more perfect way to celebrate their love than just them together, dancing in the desert sun, running barefoot in the sand, drinking wine and cheers-ing to their gypsy life together?

allen and i lived by the anza borrego desert when we first moved out to cali — in a small desert town called thermal – close to the salton sea and only 15 minutes from Indio, where they hold coachella.  i fell in love with the anza desert and hoped one day i would meet the perfect couple willing to travel out there. im so incredibly glad these two beautiful souls came into my life, not just willing but excited to partake in an unknown adventure.

and thank god these two were up for adventure, because i guided them into a desert with no signal, my unfinished campervan and bottles of wine. if liss and cait told anyone about this adventure it would sound like im one sketchy mofo. but those are our adventures together, friends. we often meet in low coverage areas, sometimes off-grid to explore some of the most unique areas.

the desert itself is breathtaking; with the mountains, sand, rock and canyon lands around. but i had a surprise spot in mind. a spot allen and i found adventuring around. a night we took some wine and bongos along a canyon side and learned to play a beat.

liss & cait loaded in the back of the van, we went down a sandy, bumpy road about 15 minutes off the main desert highway and climbed a short hill to get to a spectacular spot few know about. a spot most people would never know about just driving through. but thats the fun of what we do – we make time to go deeper, walk and drive places most wouldn’t, to get to some exquisitely tranquil areas for us and our couples.  ill never forget their reaction when we got to there. we pulled up to the base of the hill, climbed a short ways to the canyon edge, overlooking the depth of the anza borrego’s badlands. the sun was setting and the colors of the desert rock was easy to see. we all stopped in our tracks with mouths open. cait had just shared with me that she recently lost her dad. i could feel her taking the view in. i know that feeling too well.

im glad… so glad i could share this with them and celebrate their love in their way.

special vendor love to Reonna & Fernando of The Flower Patch Florist in Indio, California – for the absolutely gorgeous floral bouquets and floral crown seen. They provided remarkably hand-crafted arrangements on a short time frame with enthusiasm an no hesitation. xoxo

Honored to make print in

Gay Weddings Magazine

Published Cover Piece for ‘love is love’ engagement edition with featured front cover special piece for desert elopement inspiration; captured in Anza Borrego.

Cincinnati Wedding Magazine

Featured Wedding for print in July 2018 Issue – Local Wedding Album: Lucia Pupparo And Skot Garrett

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vendors for their anza borrego desert elopement

The Flower Patch Florist in Indio, California –

Special thank you to Reonna, the owner,  for taking time to listen to my vision and assist with creating the gorgeous arrangements seen, in very little turnaround time. When no other florists took the time and turned me away, she listened. She and her extremely talented associate, Fernando, made the time to create not only one bouquet, but two, and a floral crown, when that wasn’t even asked of them. Fernando put love into the beautifully braided palm leaves and pussy-willow, spiraling around the center of such a uniquely crafted arrangement. Reonna crafted a posey-style bouquet with pops of gorgeous color and variety of stems. The combination and contrast was perfect for Liss & Cait; who each share the ying-yang symbol to represent their connection, but contrast. The flower crown paired perfectly with the wild, wavy braids for Liss’ half-up do. Thank you, Reonna and Fernando from the bottom of my heart.

For more of Fernando’s work, please visit him on instgram at @fernsfloralcreations

WhiskeySage Photography in Joshua Tree, California

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