"our memories are the journal we all carry"

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We're Lauren & Allen and we're Whiskeysage

Our Promise

Honesty above all. An experience with a two photographer husband + wife team that focuses on your story -- celebrating and and preserving it well.

We are an all-inclusive photographer team for all walks of life, all love, LGBTQ-friendly, supporters of the BLM movement and keeping our lands beautiful by practicing LNT ethics (leave no trace). 5% of our profits gets divided between community organizations and MHA (mental health america).

We Do This Because

Life is short. You have to follow your heart. Memories are all we have left to hold.

We had a big wedding planned many moons ago. We ended up calling it off for a few reasons. We were very doing what we knew and going through the motions.

After a few years we decided to skip the traditions and eloped in one of our favorite places (Sedona) with just us and a few loved ones. It was perfectly imperfect and embodied our personal values and everything we love about each other and life. I (Lauren) got ready in a glamping tent at our campsite and wrote my vows in my journal. We walked to our ceremony spot in a scenic portion of Sedona’s backcountry and crushed open a geode together. We took shots of whiskey. Hiked a cliffside for sunset. Had our first dance around a fire. Hand-made machaca tacos and experienced a meteor shower that night.

It sounds like a dream. And it was our wedding day. Throwing out the rules was freeing and transformational for us as a couple. We never knew these elements were possible. So we’re making it our mission to ensure other couples get the same authentic possibilities for their moment.

Meet Us

Lauren (The Sage)

Allen and I moved out west 6 years ago and began traveling in our camper full-time for the last 3 years. We left behind steady corporate jobs and traded our Bluetooths and pant suits in for hiking boots, the open road and total uncertainty. We’ve camped under milky ways with no signal for days on end, found ourselves in impossible situations we still can’t fathom how we got out of, and have seen some of the most miraculous natural events imaginable in nature. We’ve had moments of being on top of the world, to feeling like everything has fallen a part, and everything in between. I feel like we’ve already lived 1000 lives.

Photographs are the only thing we have at the end of it all, to remember this life by. It goes by so fast in a blink of an eye. One day, we’re not going to care about how our jeans didn’t fit anymore in quarantine. We’re not going to care if the picture was taken our “good side” (Side note: I will always still try to be on my good side). But we’re going to look for moments that we felt pure joy, depth and above all, love. We're going to look back and see how big our smile was, not the number of wrinkles. We're going to remember how our the wind blew against our faces, not the fly-aways all over. We're going to look for every little sensory in our moments to remind us of how it felt. The stories that fueled our souls, that made our hearts skip, and the simple ones that were extraordinarily ordinary.

Hey hi, hello. I'm Lauren. And I love you for being here. I'm an empath who loves, love. When I’m not behind my laptop or camera, I’m usually journaling, in nature, planning my next adventure, engaging in meaningless snarky shit-talking debates with Allen for pure fun or doing nerdy astrology stuff like writing out horoscopes  (gemini sun / Aries moon / Sag rising) or creating a new composite designs in photoshop. I'm currently learning tarot and practice energy work daily.

Health is a major priory for me. A long-term goal of mine is to start a non-profit to support equal mental health education and counseling for youths & teens.

I have two spoiled rotten cats that are in fact our children, you cannot tell us otherwise. The other day Allen left them outside on the second floor balcony by accident, in the rain, for over a half an hour. We laughed hysterically when we found them upstairs, starring at us through the glass window, wet and meowing. We felt like we were two bad parents who forgot to pick their kids up from school. We're probably going to hell.

Typing about myself literally makes me feel like that Meme of Charlie explaining the conspiracy theory from Always in Sunny in Phildeliphia. Can we just campfire and have deep talks about aliens already? I like weird deep shit.

I hope this was random enough for you entertainment. I'd hope I get the joy of you ear fucking me with your randomness too. xx I love you. -elle

Allen (The Whiskey)

Hey! I'm Allen -A.K.A. Copé Fiasco- I'm the guy pumping out the one-liners, jokes, memes. I bring the energy that's needed for your day. We partying? Let's fucking do it. We going somewhere serene? (whisper: Let's f'in do this). You can also tell me to STFU whenever. Seriously though I do know when to shut it off though (like those romantic moments that are sure to happen). And good news for you and your wedding day,.. while I enjoy just having fun, I'm also very much a Virgo. So, I'll keep us on track, while making sure you're able to savor all of your meaningful moments.

When I'm not photographing, exploring, or otherwise working on WhiskeySage projects, I do SEO and other cool website stuff, play Call of Duty on XBOX, and watch shows like Bob's Burgers, The Black List, and Better Call Saul (just to name a few). I enjoy bonded bourbons, small batch/local whiskies, and craft beers- I'm a sucker for a good Belgian or Sour.

I'm stoked to meet you both and be a part of your journey. We're going to have a great damn time. Your wedding day is going to be amazing and I'll do everything I can to make it even more so. Having personally had a unique elopement wedding day, I understand the significance and meaning behind the decision to get married your way-- however it feels best to you. It's such an honor to be a part of your celebration. Cheers!

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Salud! bottoms up, mates! What's next?

we cheers

And celebrate life– always! Especially for wedding celebrations and especially for yours right now. We can’t wait to meet you so we can hear all about your story and vision in mind. Connect by filling out our contact form. We’re usually in touch within a couple days.

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you have new photographer friends

We’re more than just your destination wedding photographer team – we’re your new photographer friends that truly care about your story, your life, your love. We hang out over zoom, chat over social media and Marco Polo, meetup before and likely there for your next big moment. This has to be this personal so we can intuitively and artistically capture your memories the way they deserve to be remembered.

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we capture your story & celebrate your marriage

We never show up as strangers. By this point we’ve built a relationship and know what moments are most important to you without you saying a word. You trust us implicitly so you can be present in your moments and make your day about your love. We cheers and share a coldie or shot. We hug hard. We laugh hard. We celebrate right along with you.

How to get this party started

Reach Out

Fill out our contact form and connect with us on social so we can be friends 🙂 We’ll respond back within a couple days and schedule a time to meet, cheers and dive into the details of your story.

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planning fiesta begins

Booking your elopement photographer team is step one. We know all of the nitty gritty details to help making planning your moments a breeze. Once we’re booked, the planning fiesta begins. Our couples lean on us for guidance, advice, location suggestions, packing prep, vendor suggestions and so much more. We love helping in any way that fuels making your day about you two and your story.

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celebrate to the beat of your own drum

The best part of eloping is getting to do anything you two want to do remember your wedding by. This can be something you already love doing together, or trying something entirely new. Head to your favorite spot or let us help you narrow down some dream options! We’ve adventured to and are familiar with so many beautiful locations in North America. The options are endless and we thrive on documenting anything different and out of the ordinary.