"our memories are the journal we all carry"

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We're Lauren & Allen and we're Whiskeysage

we're here for love & joy.

We Do This Because

we believe in doing what feels good. doing what makes you happy. we're renegades that lived on the road In a camper for 3 years, followed our hearts and got married along that journey. we believe everyone should follow their hearts. especially on your wedding day. more importantly, we deserve to be in the moment on our wedding days with moments that feel REAL-- not staged and going through the motions.

Meet Us

Lauren (The Sage)

I love spiritual shit and people that care about making this world a better place by spreading joy, love & laughter. I love love, synchronicities, meeting soul friends and hanging with my twin flame, allen. I'm what you'd call a light worker -- so I can read energy really well and care a lot about your moments being yours; not what I think they should look like. just as we're a part of your journey, we see you as very much a radical piece a piece a part of ours. we don't take that for granted and love elevating & celebrating your magic.

Allen (The Whiskey)

Hey! I'm Allen -A.K.A. Copé Fiasco- I'm the guy pumping out the one-liners, jokes, memes. I bring the energy that's needed for your day. We partying? Let's fucking do it. We going somewhere serene? (whisper: Let's f'in do this). You can also tell me to STFU whenever. Seriously though I do know when to shut it off though (like those romantic moments that are sure to happen). And good news for you and your wedding day,.. while I enjoy just having fun, I'm also very much a Virgo. So, I'll keep us on track, while making sure you're able to savor all of your meaningful moments.

When I'm not photographing, exploring, or otherwise working on WhiskeySage projects, I do SEO and other cool website stuff, play Call of Duty on XBOX, and watch shows like Bob's Burgers, The Black List, and Better Call Saul (just to name a few). I enjoy bonded bourbons, small batch/local whiskies, and craft beers- I'm a sucker for a good Belgian or Sour.

I'm stoked to meet you both and be a part of your journey. We're going to have a great damn time. Your wedding day is going to be amazing and I'll do everything I can to make it even more so. Having personally had a unique elopement wedding day, I understand the significance and meaning behind the decision to get married your way-- however it feels best to you. It's such an honor to be a part of your celebration. Cheers!

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