Our Mission

guide you to an authentic elopement experience

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Meet Whiskeysage

Our Promise

Honestly above all. Nothing fake. Authenticity only. More soul and less perfection. A transformational wedding experience with an adventure that is entirely you, your love embodying all you love. Photographers you can trust, vibe with and be your most authentic self with. A wedding adventure you'll truly be proud of.

We are an all-inclusive photographer team for all walks of life, all love, LGBTQ-friendly, supporters of the BLM movement and keeping our lands beautiful by practicing LNT ethics (leave no trace). 5% of all our profits gets divided between community organizations and giving back where we can.

We Do This Because

We've been there.

We had a big wedding planned many moons ago. We ended up calling it off for a few reasons. But most importantly, none of it felt like “us”. We were very doing what we knew and going through the motions.

After a few years we decided we were tired of waiting to plan the "perfect wedding” for us, so we decided to plan an elopement in one of our favorite places (Sedona) with just us and a few loved ones. It was perfectly imperfect and embodied everything we love about each other and life. I (Lauren) got ready in a glamping tent at our campsite and wrote my vows in my journal. We walked to our ceremony spot in a scenic portion of Sedona’s backcountry and crushed open a geode together. We took shots of whiskey. Hiked a cliffside for sunset. Had our first dance around a fire. Hand-made machaca tacos and experienced a meteor shower that night.

It sounds like a dream. And it was our wedding day. Throwing out the rules was freeing and transformational for us as a couple. We never knew these elements were possible. So we’re making it our mission to ensure other couples get the same authentic possibilities for their moment.

meet us

Lauren (The Sage)

Ello 🙂 I’m Lauren- I’ve been starring up at night skies, enjoying nature with a camera in my hand ever since I can remember. You’ll notice I get deep fast. (…that’s what she said)

It’s safe to say if you also have your head in the gutter we’re all gonna be bff 🙂

I grew up in the midwest with all kinds of “traditional” values and expectations. It’s been quite the personal journey to get to where I am today, and very proud and grateful for the perspective leading an authentic life, free of anxiety around doing "what's normal" or what everyone else is doing. My personal journey, love for connection, photography, and nature, is exactly what fuels my passion for helping folks kick-off their marriage with their own set of rules.

After calling off our wedding and then planning our elopement, I relate with how easy it is to get caught up in what you’re “suppose” to do or what other couples doing. I decided my elopement was going to be different. It was going to be entirely US, disregarding external influence; just us and what we love. The liberating feeling of releasing that pressure and focusing on what mattered most was awesome. 10/10 recommend. We had an epic day that was 110% true to us. And I’m simply in love with being the catalyst for that for other couples.

You probably guessed it- I’m an adventure and travel enthusiast and have been doing so for the last 7 years with this man beside me. Allen is my cool-as-a-cucumber personal efficiency expert - a true engineer of agendas. This skill has propelled us in many ways and adds so much value to our couple’s experience. You will love him more than me and I will understand. When I’m not adventuring, photographing or behind the laptop- I’m probably playing with our two cat kids, tarot, reading my horoscope or a planning a totally spontaneous trip. I love any break in routine I can get, so making sure you have a day that’s unique and not cookie-cutter is my specialty.

As a sappy sally who loves emotion and connection, when I say I take it to heart that you are making us a part of your day, I fucking mean it. I’m so inspired by every new couple we get to meet—it’s a complete honor to get to craft, capture and celebrate this incredible journey with you. I can’t wait to clash potty mouths, dirty minds and adventuring dreams.

Allen (The Whiskey)

Hey there! I'm Allen -A.K.A. Copé Fiasco- I pride myself on having fun and spreading joy. I bring a calming, light-hearted energy- but am always armed with liners, dad jokes, and memes to make damn sure we're having a blast. I know when to shut it off though (like those romantic moments that are sure to happen). You can also tell me to SHUSH whenever.

As I don't like being pigeonholed.. but.. I AM a Virgo and it absolutely shows. That's great news for you as I'll help keep us on track, while still making sure you're able to savor the moment. With Lauren's excellent timeline skills and my virgo-ness you can be present on your elopement day and enjoy all of your authentic moments without stressing about time.

When I'm not photographing, exploring, or otherwise working on WhiskeySage projects, I also do Web Design and SEO, play games on my laptop, and watch shows like Bob's Burgers and Better Call Saul (just to name a few). I enjoy bonded bourbons, small batch and local whiskies, and craft beers- I'm a sucker for a good Belgian or Sour.

I'm so stoked to meet you both and be a part of your adventure. We're going to have a great fucking time. Your wedding day is going to be amazing and I'll do everything I can to make it even more so. Having personally eloped, I understand the significance and meaning behind the decision to elope. It's such an honor to be a part of your celebration.

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We would love to help you elope

How To Get Started

Reach Out & Share Your Vision

Let us know a little about you both and vision in mind. From there we’ll set up a time to meet virtually so we can start crafting and helping right away.

Sage Elopement Guidance

get the sage guidance you need

Not someone planning your whole day telling what you should or shouldn’t do—but personal support from people that care about helping you craft a day that is symbolic, intentional and feels 110% like you two.


Have a "that's so us" wedding adventure

Cheers! You did the damn thing and got married to the beat of your own drumwalking away with transformative memories, a unique adventure and a wedding day you’re proud of.