hi lovers im lauren

and heres a little piece of my world

elopement & wedding photographer team lauren allen love & elopement photography salt bed las vegas nevada
credit: allthingswild photography

no story here starts without this man by my side. i love this fella more than anything i ever have in my life. allen is my husband, business partner, best friend, part of my legacy–and whiskey to my sage. he’s my favorite person to celebrate life with. always supporting my shenanigans. the best company to be around. we’ve been together for 7 years; take on tiny living and starting businesses from the road. it feels like we’ve already shared a lifetime together with all of our travels and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

elopement & wedding photographer team lauren allen love & elopement photography salt bed anza borrego desert
stephanie rapp - all things wild photography

so cliche, but so true– life is so damn short. years go by and we look back and just can’t believe it. together allen and i have lived in over 4 states, in 6 zipcodes and lived on the road in a camper for 3 years exploring the west. we’ve lived through what seems like a million lifetimes that have gone by in a blink of an eye. we’ve share days where we felt like we lost it all –  to feeling on top of the world and everything in between. pictures are the only thing we have to transports us back to all of our most pivotal and meaningful moments. when i’m looking back years form now, i’m not gonna care about the grey hairs and wrinkles– i’m going to care about the memoirs of the emotions and experiences i had that made me feel alive. 

this is our little camper that’s our home on wheels. I call it my “sage space”. behind her is part of the mojave desert,  a free camping area between cali and vegas, and also one of my favorite spots for dark sky viewing. we’ve been traveling around in the camper, all over the western u.s. these past few years and a part of my soul is right here in this moment; allen unhitching, me too excited to adventure that i jump out of the car and leave the door open, climbing to the nearest high point to take it all in before the sun goes down. nothing obviously special is happening here, it’s not perfectly set up, but it’s real and it’s my part-time home. it’s my soul. and it just feels good.


when the pandemic hit this year, we took a break from the road full-time to get a studio in New Mexico. It was ironically good timing as Allen’s SEO/Web design business started taking off, so we’re now traveling part-time from our home here. But soon to be relocating back to Colorado in 2021. i absolutely love the contrast of living in the middle of the city vs adventuring along roadside america. It feeds my needs in all the best ways. Highly recommend. 10/10 for hybrid travel and nomadic living.

i’m a lot of things — a daughter, wife, sister, cat mom. i’m passionate, goofy, sensitive, wild, potty mouth, astrology / astronomy nerd. like every other human, there’s a lot of things i wish i were better at– cooking (sorry Allen), not caring as much about my jeans fitting after quarantine, being more go with the flow, etc.

my dad passed away earlier this year and how he passed was a shock, but I love that I feel his soul unlike ever before. like my pops, I have a huge heart and love celebrating every moment I can. I take documenting your moments so, so seriously. photography is my soul work. and it’s so important to me you get photos remembering how it all felt.

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how I became an elopement photographer

First – I’m wired to travel. I’ve been doing so the last 10 years. I have a strong background in corporate travel and 3 years ago packed everything up into my camper and hit the road, traveling the western u.s. up and down, living, working and adventuring America’s backcountry. I was an airbnb superhost in Cincinnati for a couple years and have helped couples from all over the world plan adventurous days. Over the years my heart and soul has been filled, transformed and fallen in love over and over with the amazing people I get connected to. At the end of the day, I’ve learned what I love to photograph isn’t one type of anything–it’s all love and all adventures. So no matter how big or small your day is, how many guests you want or how little, what matters to me is that it’s blissful with amazing memories flowing. 

why I eloped

Allen I had a big wedding planned many moons ago. we called it off last minute when we realized we were going through the motions vs planning something intentional. after rebuilding and reconnecting, and years of tossing around wedding plans, allen and I came to the realization that what we wanted was right in front of us. his words to me two weeks before we got married last april were…

“what are we waiting for? we don’t need it to be perfect, we just need to make it about us.”

that’s my husband ya’ll. this man. he brings me to my knees. so we did. we eloped. we said our vows at our campsite in sedona’s back country, hiked to a beautiful sunset and had our first dance around a campfire under the stars where loads of tequila, tacos and whiskey were involved. a crazy series of events fell in line –taking an entirely imperfect and spontaneous idea to fall together in the best way possible. a lot of our favorite life events have happened by chance– so it made complete sense why we were both so in love with eloping spontaneously. 

i don’t care when, where or how you celebrate – just promise me to make it about you two,  make time to embrace all the emotions and moments, forget perfection and celebrate your fucking hearts out. 


star gazers and alien yip yap welcome

i was one of those kids that would sneak on top of the roof and lay there for hours starring at the night sky. maybe to escape reality or simply because i knew there are so many more questions than answers about this universe.  I never saw skies like this growing up. the day i got to actually see what a real dark sky looked like, gave me chills down my spine i’ll never forget. now i get camp under moonlight and walk out the camper door to a blanket of a whole different world. it’s surreal. 

my personal elopement

there are not words to describe just how deeply i feel about this man, our elopement or the generous souls that dropped everything to help give us an elopement celebration in the desert with less than 2 weeks notice. i love you.

Ali & Mike – the creators behind our film, and brother/sister-in-law, this film is everything to us. our day would not have been what it was without you there. i am so fucking lucky to call you family. 

mike – not just our officiant, but good friend and family. somehow you sensed this moment happening before we did? and stopped your life to fly out to be here.  you are the best friend anyone could ever ask for. 

megan – our photographer and now friend. you drove how many miles on short notice to capture our spontaneous day in the middle of sedona’s forest road? it’s crazy that a year later we’re neighbors in abq. thank you for capturing our bliss.