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hi lovers & dreamers
lets cheers
to the magic
and life
youre celebrating
in a way that makes your souls come alive
and always remembering it that way

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Let’s dive right in. You and I already know what you’re planning goes way deeper than perfect wedding pictures or the most epic location. This is about you taking the most intentional step as a couple— a moment in your life that deserves to be crafted, celebrated and remembered in a way that sets your hearts on fire. I’m Lauren and I’m a nationally-published traveling elopement photographer for all couples, all love, all adventures and will meet you anywhere there’s whiskey, wine, discos, stars, bliss and love.

I don’t believe in one size fits all weddings, elopements or adventures. And who says you have to choose one or the other? You can absolutely have it all, bb. Your celebration is entirely yours and deserves to be full of all your magic–and paired with an elopement photographer you trust love and vibe with.

Wether you’re planning your wedding a year out, or ready to hop on the road and elope right away — I’d love to met your beautiful souls and get to know your unique plans. get in touch and lets get ze party started.

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elevated celebrations. loving hard. celebrating hard. more soul. less perfection. hugging hard. living life to the fullest. das what I’m about.

I am so stoked you’re here. Thanks for traveling this way. I’m Lauren; elopement photographer, star chaser, kitchen dancing queen, wife, cat mom and undeniable sap. Over the last 3 years I’ve traveled the western U.S. in my camper with my husband and cat kids (yup, cats.) adventuring and capturing amazing couples in various landscapes and fun places. I’m wired to travel so please take my anywhere your heart’s desire or I’ll help offer some suggestions if ya want. My husband and I had a big wedding planned moons ago– we ended up calling it off (yes it was worth all the deposits we lost) and found a better way to celebrate. I see more couples choosing intentional celebrations over going through the traditional motions and I’m so thrilled to be a part of that kind of legacy.

Honored to make print in

Gay Wedding Magazine

Published Cover Piece for ‘love is love’ engagement edition with featured front cover special piece for desert elopement inspiration; captured in Anza Borrego, CA.

Cincinnati Wedding Magazine

Featured Wedding for print in July 2018 Issue – Local Wedding Album: Lucia Pupparo And Skot Garrett