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Allen and I are an adventure elopement photographer husband and wife team that travel all over the Western U.S. & Internationally and have to say, are SO stoked you’re here right now. It seems like you’re feeling like doing something different for your wedding day and WE DIG IT. Cheers to you, mates! We LOVE being your elopement photographer for all variations of wedding adventures. We’re not just savvy with a camera, but we’re cool people you can have a beer with, as well as full-time adventurers, that frankly my dear, give a damn about you celebrating your marriage in a way that fills BOTH your souls. Whether that’s with a handful of loved ones in the redwoods, or just the two of you hiking all day mountainside –you’re in the right spot.

Elopement + Wedding Photographer Team for the Wild Hearts

If you're looking for an adventure elopement photographer that is experienced with various landscapes, terrain, climate and more -- you're in the right spot. We've been traveling the U.S. together for 4 years and have photographed elopements all over. We specialize in national park elopements and micro weddings in the Western regions that often require some boots, backpacks and getting your dress incredibly dirty. Odds are we're near one our bases in Joshua Tree, Sedona, Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. But take us anywhere - we're wired ready to adventure for your elopement day!

Elopement Photographers That Partners With You

Planning for your adventure elopement is SUPER exciting. But with anything epic or amazing, you probably already know there's going to be a lot to consider and plan for. We believe your journey starts with finding the right guidance first -- and we strongly believe that should be your adventure elopement photographer. And wooohooo, you're here! The journey has begun! Just like a good spotify playlist; we partner with you to curate a day that's fit to your dynamic, desired taste and sense of adventure. We assist with helping find you the best elopement locations, travel logistics, marriage licenses, permits, timelines, vendors, lighting, hiking, and more.

find an adventure elopement photographer that fits your vibe - what to expect with Lauren & Allen

Your day is a big deal. Who you share it with is a big deal, too. Finding your wedding tribe that fits your vibe is hella important. Why? Because you deserve a rad elopement experience. And we believe that starts with the people that are going to help you plan and also spend the day with you–your adventure elopement photographers!

First, get in contact so we can chat and talk about this crazy awesome time in your life. We’re eager to know how we can be the best damn elopement photographer duo for you. We don’t need to be near you; we’ll travel to you!

After that we’ll send over everything to get us booked for your adventure, along with a personalized portal & docs to get started planning your adventure. 

Before your elopement day, we’re going to work close together to make sure your dream elopement unfolds exactly as you want it to. We’ll spend time chatting on the phone, sending texts, following each other on social media, learning about your dynamic, your adventure and celebration style, travel & hiking logistics and so much more. 

On your elopement day we show up with hugs, coolers of refreshments, hiking gear if needed and all the spotify songs to keep your day jazzed & hella crafted to you.

We’re not your grandma’s wedding photographers. And we’re a heck of a lot more than just your adventure elopement photographer.


Hi, We're WhiskeySage! Lauren & Allen Cope - Husband & Wife Adventure Elopement Photographer Duo

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We’re on a personal mission to fuel adventurous, fun and fulfilling elopement weddings and encourage more couples to ditch the stress, pressure and norms of traditional weddings. We really enjoy making friends with our couples and showing up on your day like we’ve known each other for years. When that’s the vibe, it really allows us to be the kick ass adventure elopement photographers you want & need to capture your big moments.

We’re all about saying “no” to what doesn’t feel good to you and saying “yes” to the values that fuel your love as a couple. We love being an adventure elopement photographer couple… for couples like you; embracing your story of your journey together & choosing a wedding adventure that’s symbolic and meaningful to you. If you’re wanting to get wild, adventure and get your dress a little (or a LOT) dirty, you’re in the right spot. We’re waiting to hear your story. We can’t wait to talk about your vision & adventures in mind. We’re beyond excited to help begin to craft & execute your wildest desires!

Joshua Tree National Park, California // Yosemite National Park, California // Sequoia National Park, California // Sedona, Arizona // Colorado // Utah // Hawaii // Iceland // Australia // New Zealand // Tulum, Mexico // & More. Let’s celebrate your love with an elopement!

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