I’m Lauren. And your moments aren’t about epic pictures to me. It’s about feeling something real. 

Lauren is nationally published elopement & wedding photographer based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She specializes in diverse and intimate elopement wedding celebrations worldwide, urban and adventurous, that focus on creating space for authentic celebrating with emotional and real moments. She travels the western U.S. part-time adventuring in her camper – from the southwestern desert to the pacific northwest coast, but available for travel worldwide.

Life is too short to follow all the rules and too fun not to break them. Love is too beautiful of an experience to waste time trying to make it look perfect.  Life is about feeling. Love is about feeling. It’s about embracing what makes you come alive and live to the fullest. At the end of this, all we’ll have left are these moments we capture together.  I want your honest and real love – the imperfect, messy, goofy, vulnerable, beautiful raw emotion that drives our life’s most memorable moments. That’s the real magic you share that I want you to remember.

Honored to make print in

Gay Wedding Magazine

Published Cover Piece for ‘love is love’ engagement edition with featured front cover special piece for desert elopement inspiration; captured in Anza Borrego, CA.

Cincinnati Wedding Magazine

Featured Wedding for print in July 2018 Issue – Local Wedding Album: Lucia Pupparo And Skot Garrett