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my sugaboo we're levitating the milkyway we're renegading

intimate wedding & Elopement Photographer Team

we’re the photographers for folks getting married that live life on the wild side. for lovers that believe the journey is more important than the destination. for peeps that prefer the messy scrapbook moments over those staged awkward ones. our couples enjoy our vibe because we’re all about doing life how it feels good to you, loving hard & dancing to the beat of your own drum. we vibe high and work best with carefree couples that above all, want their story remembered authentically and true to them. we believe the simple joys are the most magical. we’re fucking high on life knowing the cosmos brought you right here right now. if you get the “hell yes!” vibe from us, we’re already bff so let’s do this thing.

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Intimate Wedding & Elopement photographer team

that also got married to the beat of our own drum

our glamping elopement 4/22/19 - video by happykamperfilms

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