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We’re Lauren & Allen –  nationally published husband & wife elopement photographer team that also eloped!

We professionally specialize in crafting and capturing authentic elopements / adventurous weddings across the U.S. and worldwide.

We’ve guided, celebrated and captured over 125+ adventures of love.  We’ve journeyed over 150,000 miles for elopements / weddings. 

Cheers to celebrating with an adventure elopement as unique as your love

And making sure it's remembered that way.

Hi lovers, dreamers and friends. You must be reading this because you’re thinking about doing something a little different for your wedding and celebrating your journey with your favorite person somewhere gorgeous and special. And HELL YES, we’re HERE for it.

Fun Fact: We ALSO adventured and eloped for our wedding day!!

…which means we personally understand first-hand just how meaningful this journey is. There’s something incredibly rewarding (and kick-ass) about planning a meaningful adventure for you and yours for your wedding day. Nothing quite beats traveling somewhere scenic and special for what’s going to be the most powerful moment of your life.

We know this elopement wedding planning journey may feel overwhelming; there's a lot to consider and so many different options.

We’d love to help personally guide, support and artistically capture your unique love. But first let’s make sure we CHEERS - to you keeping your wedding adventure meaningful and authentic to you. Own this moment-- you’re in the exciting stages of creating an adventure you’ll be proud to call YOUR wedding day for the rest of your lives.

Reach out now! We'd love to meet you!

WhiskeySage Values

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A Vibe

Enjoying our work is important, but also us as people. A great vibe is essential on your big day and starts with who you surround yourself with. With us by your side all day, we help to create a space where you’ll feel comfortable, relaxed and entirely able to be yourselves. We take pride in spreading joy and creating an atmosphere of trust, fun and good times. 

Your Memories

Are what you have left to remember your day by and the part that really matters most to us.  We’re passionate about making this personal so you can comfortably create authentic moments that feel as powerful and unique as the love you’re celebrating. We believe your images should emotionally reflect what makes your love yours and never look the same as everyone else’s.

Your Experience

When we meet the goal is to feel like you’re working with long-lost friends. We’re flexible to your style and help with every step of planning, or happy to take the back seat if you prefer. We don’t plan your entire day for you (that’s not what we feel eloping it about) but we do help you craft a meaningful adventure that’s special to you. We keep it personal and honest. We say fuck. Our heads are probably in the gutter. And we care deeply about your wedding adventure being the best day of your life.

Adventure Elopement Packages

Most collections include two lead photographers (both Allen and Lauren) starting at 8 hour adventures and up to two days. 4 hour collections with one photographer (Lauren) are available in most areas. All include guidance, personal planning, travel and full gallery delivery within 4-6 weeks included. We present all pricing transparently with no additional or hidden fees or taxes later.

How to get this party started


Reach Out

Tell us a little about yourselves and your vision in mind. From there we’ll set up a time to meet virtually so we can start hyping and helping right away.

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Get personal planning & support

We take your trust to heart and make sure you have the ideal experience for your wedding adventure; starting by helping you craft a day that is symbolic and 100% about you two. Not a one-size-fits-all elopement guide and check-list.

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Have an authentic & meaningful adventure

Creating memories that feel as powerful as the love you’re celebrating– with elopement photographers that amplify your joy and get just how personal and meaningful this adventure is.

Say hi to your adventure elopement photographer team

We’re Lauren and Allen we’re stoked you’re here. Many moons ago, we almost had a big traditional wedding. We hit a wall with planning and realized the wedding day we were leaning into didn't fit. Like a lot of others, we were just going through the motions. We decided to call it off.

A few years later, we ditched the traditions and decided on an elopement adventure entirely for us. And it was the most amazing day we never knew was possible for a wedding. But even when eloping, it was a challenge to not get caught up in "what do other people do” with so much being influenced. So we stopped scrolling. And paused. And asked ourselves, “What feels good to us? What do WE want to do?” And then had the best, most perfect day for US, and that’s all that mattered.

So I guess you could say we're pretty serious about making sure your elopement experience is unique and personally crafted to you. 😉 From planning, to day-of vibes and unique, artistic images - we want you to have the most personalized experience possible. (Learn more about our elopement.)

Are we the elopement photographers you've been looking for? YAS! Here’s how this works:

  • Reach out to us.
  • We'll meet and chat about your vision(s) in mind.
  • We’ll guide you with personal support so your adventure will be 110% authentic to you.
  • You'll have a wedding adventure you’re proud of— not settle or regret choosing anything less than what you deserve.

We’re passionate about personally crafting, capturing and celebrating everything that makes your love yours. Nothing phony. Nothing fake. An adventure and memories of your wedding day that you’ll be proud of, with elopement photographers that have been there and get it.

Honored to make print in

Gay Weddings Magazine

Published Cover Piece for ‘love is love’ engagement edition with featured front cover special piece for desert elopement inspiration; captured in Anza Borrego.

Cincinnati Wedding Magazine

Featured Wedding for print in July 2018 Issue – Local Wedding Album: Lucia Pupparo And Skot Garrett