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Adventure Elopement Photographers

Adventure Elopement Photographers for rugged, wild & dreamy elopement weddings

This Is Way More Than Just Epic Wedding Pictures. This Is The Most Meaningful Adventure With Your Favorite Person.

We're adventure elopement photographers for couples that are that aren't in this for the Instagram likes or the perfect poses-- but for couples that are all about adventuring with their favorite person, creating real memories together and sharing a thrilling experience to kick off your marriage. If this sounds like you, we're going to make a great team being your adventure elopement photographers!

Your Day Is About You & Your Relationship

Allen and I are SO stoked you’re here right now. It seems like you’re feeling like doing something different for your wedding day and WE DIG IT. Whether a big wedding isn't your thing or you want to intentionally plan something epic for just you two, you're in the right spot. We LOVE being adventure elopement photographers for couples like you --choosing to make your day about you two and not 100 other people or table settings. Whether you're adventuring with a handful of loved ones in the redwoods, or just the two of you hiking all day mountainside –you’re in the right spot!

Adventure Elopement Photographers & So Much More

We're a husb + wife adventure elopement photographer team based in Southern CA, but travel all over the western U.S. and internationally. We specialize in helping plan, craft, guide and capture elopement adventures in all western regions. Our couples are often packing outdoor gear to their wedding ceremony, strapping on some boots and gearing up the camel backpack for an epic wedding adventure. Not your 'standard' wedding checklist! Sound like something you're thinking about too? Heck yes. But make sure you've got the right help - an elopement photographer won't cut it, you need a team of adventure elopement photographers.

You're deciding to do something different?! Yeahhhh you are baby! So What's next?
  1. Find your adventure elopement photographers – boom. nailed it. Now go download our free elopement checklist here!
  2. We’ll work together to narrow down locations fit to your adventure style & dream spot. We’ll help with all the details up to your day, including an elopement planner and location guides.
  3. Grab your boots. Pack your bags. It’s adventure time!!
  4. Spend your wedding day adventuring somewhere wild, with your favorite person, enjoying a sunrise or sunset, or even under the stars. The sky is the limit.
Adventure Elopement Photographers - With Hiking Couple
adventure elopement photographers & guides that you can vibe with.

If you’re loving the idea of getting married while adventuring somewhere amazing–  then you’re in the right spot. If you enjoy hiking, road trips or exploring new, beautiful places with your favorite person (or pup!) beside you- then you’re definitely in the right spot. If you want something different for your wedding day and a big wedding sounds dreadful — then, welcome home. And if you’re wanting an unforgettable experience with good company to support & capture the story of your day… then we’re your adventure elopement photographers, friends!

Your day is a big deal. And who you share it with is a big deal, too. Finding the right adventure elopement photographer can be tough. So why not choose two! Allen and I aren’t just both adventure elopement photographers, we’re a team that’s been capturing adventure elopements for over 2 years – and stoked to start helping you plan the best day ever.

Your love is different – you deserve different and you deserve to get married however the heck you want. We’re here to help craft, capture & celebrate the unforgettable adventure you’ll get to call your elopement. You and your person deserve to carve a rad experience for your wedding day. And we believe that starts with choosing people that can  help you plan the best day ever–your adventure elopement photographers!

We're Lauren & Allen - Adventure Elopement Photographers

Adventure Photographers

Lauren & Allen Sitting Together - Adventure Elopement Photographers
Unless we’re talking about a piece of cake… bigger isn’t always better. Especially for your wedding.Big weddings aren’t for everyone. They weren’t for us, and guessing probably not you, either. Which is why more and more couples are opting to celebrate their love in a more meaningful way, somewhere private, dreamy and adventurous! Forget the stress, pressure and norms of traditional weddings. Take all that time, energy + money and reallocate it an incredible adventure with your favorite person instead! We’re here as professional adventure elopement photographers, but also as friends, to partner with you to craft a day from your wildest of dreams.We’re all about saying “no” to what doesn’t feel good  and saying “yes” to what fuels you as a couple. We love being adventure elopement photographers… for couples like you; intentionally crafting a wedding adventure that’s symbolic and meaningful to you as a couple. If you’re wanting to get wild, adventure and get your dress a little (or a LOT) dirty, you’re in the right spot.  We can’t wait to talk about your vision & adventure in mind. We’d be stoked to start helping craft your dream adventure elopement!
Joshua Tree National Park, California // Yosemite National Park, California // Sequoia National Park, California // Sedona, Arizona // Colorado // Utah // Hawaii // Iceland // Australia // New Zealand // Tulum, Mexico // & More. Let’s celebrate your love with an elopement!
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Everyone says their wedding day is perfect, but how many people can say their wedding day was perfect thanks to their photographers? From the outset when we were considering eloping in Yosemite National Park, Lauren and Allen were amazing. Their energy and calm from those initial skype sessions to a clueless Aussie couple who didn’t really know what they wanted to do, through to recommending, guiding and then planning for the most perfect elopement we could imagine.

It was as if they were inside our heads, knowing how to make our day exactly how we dreamt of it. Lauren and Allen helped us plan our day, taking into account the style of photography we wanted, the landscapes that we pictured, but most importantly the essence of us as a couple. They struck the perfect balance between a tightly planned schedule to maximise their time with us, whilst also creating the space for a wild and free day, that felt as if we were just hanging out with two of our best mates – and we also happened to be getting married! Even the little things such as texting us when we arrived in the US, to bringing snacks and drinks for us on the day (as they knew this was probably the last thing we’d think of on our wedding day!)

For two of us who generally don’t feel too at ease in front of a camera, they somehow managed to make it feel as if there weren’t even cameras there, being a part of our wedding day in such a natural and organic way. Nothing was too much trouble, and I have no doubt if it wasn’t for their presence on the best day of our lives, our perfect day in Yosemite would no way have been as perfect. We are so fortunate that not only did we get “the most stunning wedding photos I’ve ever seen” (according to multiple friends, family, work colleagues, randoms on the street etc..), but amazing memories of the most perfect and relaxed day in Yosemite, such was the way they made us feel. Their timeliness in communication, professionalism and ability to listen, and simply the outstanding quality of their work means we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to others. To those out there trawling through Google and Instagram for their perfect elopement photographers, the good news is you can stop looking. You’ve found them.

Kelsea & Brenton - Yosemite Adventure Elopement

Is it even possible to feel like you’ve know someone forever, when really you just met? We can now say YES, that is possible, as that’s exactly what happened when Niel and I met Lauren and Allen on our wedding day! It didn't start there though, as we had multiple phone and email conversations with them prior to our wedding. From the very first conversation, we knew we made the right choice in hiring them as our adventure wedding photographers.

Lauren and Allen spent the entire day with not only us, but also our families and they fit right in with all of the jokes and laughter we all shared. Our families were extremely complimentary of the job they did, even prior to seeing the end results. This amazing duo, with their professionalism and their easy-going sense of humor, just has a way of making people around them feel comfortable and happy.

Niel and I aren’t fortunate where we can act ‘natural’ in front of the cameras, but with Lauren and Allen’s help and subtle direction, we were able to do just that. Even standing on top of Cathedral Rock with dozens of fellow hikers, they made us feel like Niel and I were the only ones on the rock.At one point, in the planning stages, Niel had asked me if we needed to decide the location of our first look. For someone who worries about everything and always has to have a plan, I surprisingly replied back to him with, “Lauren and Allen have it covered.” I actually had no idea what they had in store for our first look, but it didn’t matter, as I completely and whole-heartedly trusted that they would make it perfect. And they DEFINITELY did!Lauren and Allen didn’t just show up to take our pictures, but instead, they had a vision, thanks to the time and effort they put in beforehand to really get to know who we were as a couple and as individuals. That effort resulted in truly incredible photos and memories that tell a story about our love. On top of that, we appreciated their out of the box, spur of the moment ideas and experiments.If you hire Lauren and Allen, you will not only get amazing, once in a lifetime photos, but you’ll also experience two people who are genuinely dedicated to making the day about you. And, the best part, in the end, you’ll feel like you’ve gained two lifelong friends.

Bonnie & Niel - Sedona Adventure Wedding
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